My sinus trouble started way back in my late teens.

I can remember running around for a whole summer, basically sick, blowing massive discharges out of my nose after surfing or whatever. I remember looking down at these massive things and thinking, gosh, something’s not right. Then one day that year I noticed a golf ball had formed in my armpit – yes, a golf ball, at least that’s what it felt like. (I’d later find this was a swollen gland and that it was filled with poison – your glands are there to fight toxins in your body. Swelling can be a sign that your glands are engaged in a little toxin-fighting warfare.)

The doctor told me I’d have to take antibiotics because I had been running around sick for a long time and the lump, well, that was my body trying to fight the infection. Hopefully, antibiotics would fix it they told me. If not, they’d cut the gland out because it could actually cause a really severe infection if it burst. Lovely.

The antibiotics worked. The golf ball disappeared. But I continued to get sick a lot. And like an idiot, in college, I’d often go on being sick – too busy to want to see the doctor – for months. Until, once again, I’d be put on antibiotics to clear it up.

By my late 20s I was noticing that I was congested a lot. At first, stuff like Afrin worked great. Any time I was congested, sniff a little of that stuff and  that would usually take care of it.

Then, one day, that stopped working.  And I discovered something even more strange happening inside my nose. Or should I say, I discovered something living in my nose – a big ole’ nasal polyp.

It was freaky. One morning, I noticed that it felt like my right nostril was swelling. I’d blow my nose but nothing would come out. So looked in the mirror and, lo and behold, this translucent grape-like balloon was hanging down inside my right sinus passage. It wasn’t mucus, it was fleshy, soft and TOTALLY blocking my right sinus. I remember sticking a pin in it (sanitized it first, of course), thinking maybe I could pop it, but all it did was bleed slightly. I thought, uh, better not do that again.

For the next two years I was constantly sick. I’d catch a cold and it would turn into a sinus infection, the polyp would swell, I couldn’t breathe, I’d take antibiotics, it would clear up and then it would start all over again about a month later. It sucked. But at this point, it was somehow still manageable. (And something I’ve learned about the sinus cursed people like me, we sort of just get used to it. I think part of it is that we simply forget what it’s like to have normal sinuses, to be able to breathe, smell etc. You just forget and begin to accept your new reality.)


Well, one day, I decided to move into a new house down the street. As I was moving a desk, I discovered something alarming on the wall behind it:  black mold growing in the plaster everywhere. I didn’t even really know what black mold was, nor did I think it had anything to do with my sinus trouble that had, as of late, gotten way worse (it was in this house that I discovered the visible polyp in my right sinus).

(Oh, look! Killer mold growing behind my dresser! Awesome!)

I checked more places around the house. It was in my roommate’s closets, behind some of their pieces of furniture where it was more dark and dank. And well, if you could see this much mold visibly, I could only imagine how much mold was lurking in the wall everywhere all over the house. But of all the places, it was by far the worst in my room. It was everywhere. The more I looked, the more I found. The plaster on my wall was actually saturated and moist from it.

(My roomate’s closet had it too, but alas, he was never sick. So go figure. Not everyone is sensitive to mold. One of life’s mysteries, I guess.)

During the time I lived at this house, I saw some ENTs – two different ones. Both said I had chronic sinusitis. Both said I needed surgery. Both said they’d rarely seen sinuses worse than mine. They said basically I had almost zero room to breathe and that I should really have FESS. I decided they were right. I was sick of the misery. Tired of not being able to breathe. So, I picked my surgeon, did the CAT scan for the Image-guided procedure. And then…

…I moved out of that mold-filled house and I instantly got better. (Was it the mold that took my chronic sinus problems to the next level? I think so – for sure. Many ENTs I’ve spoken to think so.  I know one thing, my sinus problems were 3 times worse living in this house. One other factoid: the woman that moved into the house after me was sick for two years. She sued the property management company for not disclosing the fact that there was mold. Get this: they just painted over it and sold the house to her without telling her about it. Insane.)


For a number of years after, I was convinced that it was the house. It was the mold. Now that I was away from it, my symptoms were way better. It was over. And I think I was right – for the most part, for a while at least.

And now that I was better, I thought, why have that surgery?  After all, who needs to have a surgeon probing around cutting things near your eyes and brain unless you absolutely have to? Not me. Hellz no.

In my 30s, bouts of chronic sinusitis seemed to flare up occasionally again. Most the time some antibiotics would clear it up. But more and more often, a little cold would turn into a month-long ordeal. I’d get a cold, but then I’d get the swelling in my nose (the polyps were still there after all). And then I’d stay sick for weeks beyond what a normal person would.

As this pattern carried on through my 30s, I tried everything: Claritin, Zyrtec, Claritin-D, Sudafed, Afrin (but the rebound sinus swelling became unbearable), steroid sprays, saline sprays, cayenne pepper spray (Sinus Buster) and, of course, the homeopathic hippie all-time fav: the neti pot.  Of course, most the time when my sinuses were inflamed, the neti pot was total joke since no rinse could even go one centimeter up my sinuses before being greeted by the Hoover damn known as my sinus polyps.

Little did I know at the time, that it wasn’t just the sinus polyp I could see. There were many, many more I wasn’t seeing. And they filled my sinus cavities (you have six sinus cavities in your head, by the way. Yes, I said, six.). I may have gotten away from the mold, but I couldn’t escape the polyps – they were there to stay now.

And hence, I couldn’t escape my chronic sinus infections. The reason is simple: if you have polyps inside your nasal cavities, you simply can’t drain mucus effectively. If you can’t drain mucus effectively, any cold virus or respiratory infection will stay in your sinuses and fester.

When these bacterial infections fester, they cause you to go on being sick long after the cold virus is gone. And this chronic infection causes the inflammation in your sinuses to just get worse. And well, at a certain point it’s all one self-feeding cycle that you can’t break and every medicine in the world can’t do a thing to help you.


Then, when I was 37, I had a baby. And that baby – God love her – was a magnet for every virus known to man, as babies always are. In a span of 6 months, I was sick about 6 different times. Each time 10-20 days of total sinus blockage. Zero air moving through my nose. I was on every medicine you can think and I was doubling the doses and nothing worked. I was chronic mouth breather. I sounded like Marvin the Martian when I spoke.

It was time to see an ENT. Again.

This time, I saw three different ENTs, including one that was basically famous and the ENT to the stars (he’s the ENT for the American Idol contestants). He took a cat scan and said he’d rarely seen sinuses that were worse.

All six of my sinuses, that should have been “black” in the cat-scan indicating open space, were filled with gray, opaque stuff. Could be mucus. Could be polyps. But one thing was for sure, something was terribly wrong.

I was then put on a course of antibiotics to see if it could be cleared up. 5 antibiotics and 6 weeks later, the celeb ENT took another Cat-scan and, well, I was essentially the same, if not – can you believe this? – worse.  At the time, I had just caught a terrible cold a few weeks earlier and my sinuses were terribly inflamed.

The polyp in my right nostril was threatening to make an appearance in broad daylight, as it seemed to be heading right out the bottom of the opening of my nostril (this actually happens to people – insane, but true). It was time for surgery. The celeb ENT agreed.

I saw another ENT to confirm the celeb ENT’s diagnosis. Same exact opinion: time for surgery.

And after a decade of misery, I decided, yes, it was time for surgery. Whatever fear, pain or consequence of the surgery, I couldn’t live like this any more. My wife was going to kill me if I complained one more day. I was going to kill me if she didn’t.

Now it was just a matter of who would perform the FESS procedure.


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Ah, good to read the trials of a fellow sufferer. I had my polyps removed almost 2 years ago. The consultant put me on nasonex steroid spray to keep them at bay, but it hasn’t worked. I know that they are back on the march. I did come off the nasonex about a month ago (went back on flixonase), I was concerned at the feeling that something (blood vessel) was under pressure and about to explode in my forehead. This led me to look at side effects, which are really worrying. I also blame the steroid sprays for masking my sense of smell, which does return fleetingly if I forget to take the spray. I did find your info on infections useful as since the operation I have had experienced morning gunge at the back of my throat. But what next/ Would love to be able to smell, not doing so is such a handicap. And I’m certainly not going for another op, anaesthetics play havoc with my memory. What I’d really like to do is track down a consultant who is not only a master at his craft but very into indepth research for new treatments.

Comment by Heather

I’m sorry to hear it’s been such a nightmare for you. This sinus stuff is so perplexing and frustrating, isn’t it? And everybody’s situation is different and unique. Have you done an MRI to see if the polyps are indeed back?

I know it’s always a good possibility they’ll return. For me, it’s been all positive and no signs yet of anything new polyp-wise. But they’re not really noticed until they’re back in a BIG way.

Hope you find some answers, my friend.


Comment by brettcraig

I had nasal polyps for ten years, 17-27. I couldnt even touch alcohol, the polypos almost DID come out of my nose! Then one day someone suggested cutting out wheat, gluten, yeast, and dairy, (sounds impossible and extreme I know!) But after two months, everything had gone. I even have my sense of smell back. I was a miracle for me, and I say this in the hope that u at least try. I wouldnt wish nasal polyps on my worst enemy!!!!!! Its very hard to give up your favourite foods, but i believe its the root cause of the problem. The Dr’s never even suggested it to me, and u have to wonder whether they want to keep ppl paying the billions they do for sprays and other such remidies, that never work with polyps.! Gd luck!

Comment by robbie

Hi Robbie, I too have nasal polyps. I have had two surgeries and now do not have good insurance to get more. I would like to try the diet. Can you give me more details. I heard that maybe sugar can be a cause as well. What about coffee? Any help you can give will be much appreciated!! Nancy

Comment by Nancy Feldman

Hi Nancy, it’s all fungal (candida albicans) related. You need (against popular opinion) to cut out the FAT in your diet. Read the starch solution by Dr John Mcdougal or 801010 by Dr Doug Graham. Both Vegan, both low fat. Though Graham goes for raw and mcdougall for cooked. Both have their advantages but both have completely cured my polyps. Check out these links:

Comment by robbie

Just had polyps removed from deep in my sinuses and feel pretty good. The bleeding stopped after 14 hours and now just feel little tired and was told not to blow my nose for several days.., that is the hard part. I think I will be very happy that I had this procedure done.


Comment by Rhonda

How you feeling now? Better I hope!!

Comment by brettcraig

great!! Keep us posted on your progress. Good luck!!

Comment by Nancy Feldman

I am a fellow polyp sufferer as well. This blog could have been written by me word for word! I just had a huge polyp removed yesterday as it was just about dangling outside of my right nostril. Easy procedure but once the ENT took it out he could see that I had at least 4-5 others. I did cut out wheat, sugar, dairy etc….definitely did not help me but I have heard it helping others….lucky ducks! I hope this thread continues as this is one depressing condition to have.

Comment by Sarah Jane

Totallllyy related to this!!!! So did u get the surgery??

Comment by Yuki

Yes! The whole story is on the blog!

Comment by brettcraig

I have polyps in both of my nostrils and I am thinking about getting the surgery. I hear it is extremely painful and it takes forever before your normal again. I need to do something because my girlfriend is about ready to kill me from the snoring and loud breathing. Also, I have black mold in my home and I do not know if it is the cause of getting polyps or how I got them but I wish I knew….

Comment by Sam

Its not terrible I dont think. It is a mystery these polyps. Theories but no absolutes on causes.

But i found the surgery to be extremely helpful.

Comment by brettcraig been reading about this type of therapy for awhile now. I don’t have polyps but I am trying to help those who do. Cell salts work small quantities under the tongue. its not luck its science

Comment by Steve

Wow that was strange. I just wrote an very long comment but after
I clicked submit my comment didn’t appear. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all
that over again. Regardless, just wanted to say great blog!

Comment by Mathew

Outstanding story there. What happened after?
Good luck!

Comment by ways to get your ex back

Read recovery room. It’s all there!

Comment by brettcraig

Hi Fellow nasal polyps sufferers. I have had them for about 4 years, since turning 40 actually!!). I have had 1 op which worked for about a year and am awaiting another . I hope everyday that the letter letting me know when the op is happening has arrived! I am now seeing a naturopath who has been great letting me know what I am allergic too. Still have them though! Can hardly speak. Resort to prednisolone on really bad days. Nasonex is totally useless for me. Snore, sleep apnoea and generally feeling crap. I constantly sound like I have a clothes peg on my nose. Sit open mouthed ..Can’t smell a thing and consequently no taste either! Hope they just find a way of getting rid of the blighters. Hate them. Feeling miserable 😦

Comment by Kels

I have been off of gluent/dairy/sugar etc since 2 February 2013 & have had NO issues with polyps! No sinus infections…nothing! My energy level is up & am able to breathe! I am taking 5 Green Tea capsules a day as well as nettles in capsule form. Between the natural supplements & change in diet my nasal distress has diminished. I should add that I was food allergy tested & tested positive for many foods. My new doctor who is a Naturopath said this was probably only temporary & thought I would be able to go back to some of the foods if not all of them.

Hang in there & be your own advocate! It took me almost 4 years to find a doctor who was willing to think “outside the box”.


Comment by Sarah Jane

Are you off of Coffee too? I keep starting the gluten/dairy/sugar reg but cannot stick to it.

Comment by Nancy Feldman


I don’t drink coffee. 🙂

Try to stick with the elimination of gluten/wheat/dairy/sugar….you can do it & there are plenty of alternatives! 🙂

Sarah Jane

Comment by Sarah Jane

I have had my sinus problem for six years now.alot of black mold in a house I moved into,chemicals from work,?? don’t know. doctor told me I had sinus poylps.long story short,i had 4 surgerys by two’s.i moved from east cost to west cost,hopeing the change in weather would help.NOPE.looks like I will need surgery # 5. I wish there was a doctor who could find a way to fix it and forget it.going though life with out any smell or taste just sucks. steroids work,i call them (the magic pill) makes you feel awesome.but they won’t give you more than a weeks worth,because there bad for you. for all of us,hope they will find a cure

Comment by dan

Vitamin C with bioflavinoids has worked wonders for me. I take 3,000-5,000mg every day plus a high quality multi vit. Google Vit C for Nasal Polyps! My year of suffering is now over in a matter of days.

Comment by

Hello ryan are you still taking the vitamins.and if not how long do you have to take them for?I have bad nasal polyps as well

Comment by eddie

This is my advice for what it is worth Please do not just keep suffering from sinus issues and nasal polyps,

I think sinus issues may be related to cold, dampy black mold houses black mold creates micotoxins this is very very serious illness, Even if you cannot see it in your house it may be hidden leak in the walls check around if you have to tear open the sheet rock close to the pipies or gutter, You can die from black mold so this is very serious , If there is black mold move out ASAP like today!! Once the fungus is in your nose blood it is stop all foods that create candida/fungus stop all sugar / dairy /wheat. You must go to a really good ENT doctor that really really cares about you . They first give you antibiotics , the neti pot and if it does not work then you must go back that way the doctor can get serious ….This is your health, if the doctor can’t help you find someone that will. Please do not just keep waiting and waiting . You have one life and you deserved to be healthy and happy plus the nose is too close to the brain and you do not want any complication take action now please do not wait!!!

Comment by GRACE

Had the surgery fifteen years ago and within 4 years they were back. Other than (10 day dosages of )prednisone which only clears it up temporarily, one other thing opens up my nasal passage ways. Exercise or an extremely elevated heart rate. Now I have been trying to explore foods that may help open up blood vessels especially in the nasal area.

Comment by Terry

I had the surgery last year and six months later I am back to sneezing everyday, stuffed and suffering swollen nose (but only one side). I have found that the only thing that works is vigorous exercise too. My naturopath hasn’t found anything that helps after one year. Let me know if the exploration of foods help.

Comment by Tanya

Hey! I’m seeing a 2nd ENT on the 6th. I visited with one & I went to the car & cried 😦 my throat is always a bright red with tonsils stones. The very back wall of my throat. Looks like its filled with pus pockets. I cant ever breathe out of my nose. Sometimes I can breathe out of one side. It will change from right to left side. The first ent said it was meds that i was on. But told him it was like this b4 and has been for several years. His assistant ran a camera down my nose & throat to look.around. he said I had a polyp. The Dr came in & said there wasnt anything to b done I had dry mouth & to get off my meds. He was a real jerk! So, going to see a different Dr & just say that I dont have a primary care dr. He instantly started treating me bad as soon as he read on my chart who my primary care Dr was. Was very strange!!

Comment by amber

Hi guys, arrrg so sorry to hear of all this nasal misery, i thought i was the only one, ive had a nightmare year with polyps, co-insides with just moving into the property as well.
I,m a chef without taste or smell, great eh and i have polyps in both nostrils, the one in my right tends to try to escape and is often quite visible, swollen and to be honest now the panic attacks are gone they just seriously gross me out and i.m totally sick of felling like a small child with a ever flowing nose grrrr, rant over.
Hey i got a trick to make them reduce and vanish overnight when flared up, going to speak with my gp to see if i may have unwittingly come across some relief, seriously its happened last three time, if its safe il let you guys in on it, yesterday no air and an alien in my nose, today, a lot better, not gone though.
best wishes to you all


Comment by nigel moss.

Hey Nige, So what is the miracle cure? Am waiting with bated breath ( and clogged nose). Nancy

Comment by Nancy Feldman

I think I found the cure and answer as to why we get nose polyps :). Here is everything I learned. first things first, if you have nose polyps you should look into getting tested for a “YEAST INFECTION”. apparently that’s what’s causing the polyps. that’s why they say to stay away from wheat, dairy, and mainly sugar, because your apparently fighting the yeast infection. there is an over the counter medication that is supposedly very good for killing yeast infection and its called “FLUCONAZOLE”. I haven’t tried it yet since my doctor already prescribed me with other medicine for my polyps called “AMOXICILLIN”.
this is my first week in this battle so I can’t give you guys any results yet, but i will keep posting after a week. sorry about that, I just felt you guys would appreciate some immediate answer from someone who’s made a break through in this problem. anyways I’ll keep you guys posted, and maybe you guys can confirm if this has worked for you guys as well.

Comment by Michael

YOU ARE DEFICIENT IN VITAMIN C. I suffered for a year with these awful things. Literally thought I was going to die. After finding a post from someone sayin take 5000mg vit C an bioflavonoids every day I was cured in less than 2 weeks. I was so thankful but mad because my ENT could not tell me this. I started with 3000mg of vit c and that did the trick for me. I can smell again, drink alcohol, eat salt, and breath through both nostrils. I have never been able to breath so well.
On a side note, I do not eat gluten or soy And choose organic and pasture raised meats as well. Life is great now!!!

Comment by Mike

I would think if one had a yeast infection that one would not want to take antibiotics as it destroys the good bacteria & can actually cause yeast to grow. I definitely agree, however, that yeast should be checked. I wish you well! 🙂

Comment by Sarah Jane

Wow! I am completely blown away with all your accounts. For almost 20 years I thought I was alone in this battle. I am finally having surgery next week. I am terrified. Not only because of fear of pain and complications, but more for the longevity of the recovery….I have three kids and me being out of commision is not really great for our household. My polyps are deep in my sinus cavitiies, no where near the openings of my nose. However, I suffer from daily head aches and facial pressure. Has any one experienced those along with their sinus problems?

Comment by Aimee

Good luck, Aimee!!! I had some pressure for sure. No smell. Constant plugged nose. Sick all the time. It stinks. I think you’ll get some relief soon!!! Lemme know how it goes!

Comment by brettcraig

About the nasal polyp surgery…I’m 61 years old, had 41 snare surgeries…one every month, and then I had a four hour micro-debrider surgery. I was awake for all 42 surgeries. The snare surgeries only hurt when they cut through their rotten little necks, but the micro-debrider 4 hour surgery DOESN’T HURT AT ALL! When they hit their ugly little necks, all you feel is a “tiny” electric shock, like you get in the winter running across the rug then touching a metal door knob. No recovery time for the surgery at all. My husband took me out to dinner right after. There was no bleeding or anything! SO IF YOU’RE FRIGHTENED, TRUST ME, IT’S A CAKE WALK! I was the first one my doctor ever did awake. I have no idea why they would want to knock anyone out – It doesn’t hurt. I currently need another surgery though…The rotten little suckers are back again.

Comment by Deana Curtis

Has anyone tried cayenne spray or coconut oil . Please share what has helped … I am dying here and thinking of going back on prednisone once again just so that I can get a bit of relief,

Comment by Kathy Trew

Didnt work for me at all. Cayenne, that is.

Comment by brettcraig

try to do nasal irrigation with garlic everyday. I felt this is amazing .

Comment by varinder kaur

Cayenne/Turmeric capsules in tandem with a “clean” diet works GREAT for me. I went from having polyps falling out of my nostrils to being polyp/sinus infection free for a year. 🙂

Comment by Sarah Jane

Great news! What was your daily intake? Also how much mg are in each capsule? Thanks

Comment by Jamie

I have just begun to look into alternative medicines, etc. for my polyps. I had surgery in 2012. It all went well, I didn’t take any pain meds, I could smell things I never knew I was missing. The downside, I seem to be sick every 2-3 months now. And like others, if I get a cold I have it for weeks and my nose plugs up and the polyps inflame. Only relief is Prednisone which we all know is not good for you. I’ve done the Neti Pot, the Naseonex and other nasal sprays, Budesonide through a nebulizer . . . you name it, I’ve tried it, medically speaking. Now I’ve been told another surgery could be looming. That won’t be happening. Although the surgery went well, the anesthesia did mess with my memory and although I have intermittent relief, I get sick more often now and I don’t feel fully recovered and it’s been two years! Time to be my own advocate and it helps to find I’m not the only one out there with this issue. Definitely going to try the gluten/dairy/sugar free diet and do some more research on the Vitamin C with bioflavonoids. Good luck to us all!!

Comment by Larie

How is that going? We all need to know. Thank you!

Comment by Nancy Feldman

I started taking 3000 mg of Vitamin C and 3000 mg of Bioflavanoids daily. That’s all my stomach could handle, even though previous comments said 5000 mg each daily. It’s been several weeks and I am clear as far as breathing goes with occasional congestion shifting from one side to the other. Taking a decongestant usually takes care of that. I still cannot smell a darn thing. So I would recommend the Vitamin C/Bioflavanoid combo which seems to have reduced some of the inflammation, but apparently not all since I still can’t smell. Doctor says the inflammation of the polyps blocks the smell sensors and that’s why I can’t smell. If my nose is clear for air passage I can only assume the polyps are still inflamed enough to block the smell sensors. Will find out tomorrow.

About every 3 months I get some sort of infection which causes one or both ears to get congested (like water in the ear) and it causes terrible ringing in my ears. Doctor puts me on antibiotics and within a couple days I’m feeling better, but after initial bout of ear congestion ringing lessens after antibiotics but never goes away completely.

Does anyone have any feedback on not being able to smell? Are most of us without a sense of smell? Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

Comment by Larie

Hi Everyone , This sinus problem is not small . I am waiting for my sinus surgery .it is on June 5 ,2014. there is long list before me . its hard to breath for me ,cant sleep ,cant work . But i found herbal treatment .Guys, i did nasal irrigation with garlic and salt and it was amazing . my nose is clear and i am not feeling any headache . i slept well last night . and today morning i am so relaxed. Guys try this , find the right way to do this and dont use Tap water . i hope it will help you to . thanks

Comment by varinder kaur

My surgery is on the 5th also. I wish you the best in recovery. How has the irrigation been gong for you since then? Have you had an allergy test done yet?

Comment by Myra

Never done the allergy test. Still doing the irrigation. Still feeling good.

Comment by brettcraig

I have simular sinus problems with an unexpected complication.

Comment by wendy

What is that??

Comment by Nancy Feldman

I had nasal polyps removed about two years ago. I was scared to get the surgery. But I didn’t have any problems at all. Recovery was fast and painless. Maybe my dr. Was really good…lol. Felt great to be able to breath for a year. But sadly they have returned. I think I’m going to try the no yeast/gluten free diet. Before I decide to go back in for surgery. I do notice the extreme swelling after a glass of wine or a drink. Weird.

The surgery I had was endoscopic nasal surgery….the had to remove a blockage as well. I was all messed up. Ha ha ha

Comment by Sonya

Yeah, my nose swell after beer or wine too – its a definite connection that’s real. There’s quite a bit of science on this correlation so what you’re feeling is right because I feel it too as do many others.

Comment by brettcraig

I’m reading all these comments and it’s craxy how much food/drinks seem to play a part! I’m completely clogged on the right side and have an appt Friday with my ENT. The question of yeast keeps coming up, and a few of you mention wine/beer etc…….isn’t there yeast in wine/beer? I don’t drink but I do love bread which has yeast in it. I’m so glad I found this blog and all these comments, nice to know I’m not alone!! Would like to avoid surgery as the polyps seem to return!

Comment by glamstyleus

This happens to me as well, every time I drink . When you start your yeast/gluten free diet, I would be really interested to see what results you get. . Thanks
And did any one have an allergy test done before or after surgery

Comment by Myra

I just had my 7th sinus surgery since mid 90’s – 3 in the last 3 years! Polyp removal was only necessary the first time. The 4th time, the Dr. drilled 2 holes in the front of my head (the procedure has a name) and it seemed to help for a very long period of time/several years.

But now I’m in a vicious cycle of fungal issues. Since the last surgery mid April I have not been able to get rid of the fungus in my nose. I’m on amphoterisan to try and eliminate. Not to gross everyone out, but now I keep getting a blood drainage (over all these years, never had this). No choice but to stop treatment as this may be harming my sinuses. Go back to Dr. Tuesday to review.

I’m concerned but not letting it get to me too much because I’m so used to dealing with this.

I have copied some of the suggestions about eliminating certain foods products and will try. If anyone has a good resource for things to and not to eat, please share.

Comment by Jennifer

Wow I am also surprised by all the comments on something I never knew existed.
My surgery is on June 5th and I’m very nervous, and thinking of calling it off. My polyps are pushing out my eye and coming out my nose so they are highly suggesting it. But they hadn’t giving me any alternative methods. I’ve heard good and bad stories, but would anyone recommend surgery?

Comment by Myra

M, if they’re pushing out your nose and eye sounds like you desperately need the surgery.

Comment by brettcraig

If you have polyps, they need to be removed regardless. I had polyps removed my first surgery and never had to again. They also fixed my deviated septum at the same time (bone in nose that was crooked blocking air).

Comment by Jennifer

Do the surgery if it’s affecting your eyes. Get a second opinion if you haven’t. No surgery is without risk as you will read in this blog. Good luck and stay positive!

Comment by Larie

Thanks guys! I’m still nervous about the surgery but i plan to follow though. My doctor said that after surgery I will need therapy to control my allergies so they will not come back. Until then I will be Researching on my own.

Comment by Myra

I have had the surgery 3 times now.. it’s uncomfortable for a week that’s all, like still having them but clears up well… I will sinus rinse often after my next surgery as I have never kept it up and the polyps return.
Only very strong steroid tablets have managed to reduce the swelling for me, and you can’t stay on them for long.
Awaiting an appointment from ENT as I write.. The sooner the surgery the better for me !

Comment by John

Update to this post: Found out the stuff I was getting out was because of a mesh stint the Dr. installed at surgery (for the purpose of delivering steroids direct to the site vs. systemically). It’s dissolveable but some was still there that had to be manually removed. Still have fungus smell and doing my Amphotericin twice a day to try and eliminate. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. But at least I can breathe and know what was causing the stuff that had me really concerned.

Comment by Jennifer

My polyps can come back after June 2012 surgery. Now recommending I get mesh implant. Won’t do it as I’ve had issues with infections, ringing in my ears, loss of smell, and fluid in my ears. No surgery is without risk but I have more issues now than before my surgery in 2012. Good luck and stay positive and post anything new as I’d like to know how this mesh surgery works for you!

Comment by Larie

Same here I’ve having this issue for about a year. Doc says it allergies/sinusitis. I’ve been paying a close eye to reactions to a few variables, medicine does nit do much, spays, pills, decongestants work limited or not at all. As I was talking about variables, seem when im asleep, the swelling reduces and when I wake up it picks up, another strange thing when I drink liquor or reach a state of relaxation. Its goes away completely, a long with a diet and teas chamomile tea has been known to to reduce mucus discharge and relaxes me as well. Over the past year I have been under lots of stress and half the time I dont even know I am but im topped out. So my theory is using mucus reducing foods drinks tea, super foods…etc but managing stress relaves it almost at will. Idk what to say about it but it began when I had huge stress issues and when I stress its almost at will post nasal followed by swelling… etc. But stress is a trigger idk why? But relaxing helps a lot. If it helps anyone let me know plz.

Comment by miguel

Do you have polyps? If you do it’s very hard to stay consistently healthy I’ve found.

Comment by brettcraig

I wouldn’t even consider mesh in my nose. They tried that in the bladder and it puncture people’s bowel, bladder & uterus. Your brain is right there!

Comment by Boni

My son is 10 and his story at least parts of it seem so similar to yours except that we have mold in new homes that we have built so the mold thing was not an issue however his allergy tests suggest he is allergic to mold. He had been a sick plugged up boy since he was 6 months old and have been back and forth to ent specialists for years. Had his tonsils and adenoids removed. Been on a series of different antibiotics etc. last night he did a nose rinse because the kid could hardly breathe after getting a cold. I am wondering if he pushed out two polyps because he has done rinses for years and he feels the same as you they don’t work and don’t push through. However last night I just put a little water through and told him to blow in the sink and 2 seperate blows he blew put this round soft tissue balls with streaks of blood around them. Never has this happened before. I took pictures for the doctor. I was wondering what you thought.

Comment by Ann

Week, first, does he have polyps? Do you know? That would be the first question. Be good to find out.

You know, it seems unlikely that you could blow them out as it takes intentional surgery to detach these monsters but what I’d say that what you saw was is the thick clotted snot that can form back there in his sinuses cuz he is not draining well.

Healthy sinuses drain and swollen and closed sinuses stop proper daring which leads to infection. That snotty stuff just festers in that 98.7 degree humid environment in your son’s sinuses.

Polyps can fill the sinuses and often you can’t see them. So find out.

Hope you can get to the bottom of it.

Comment by brettcraig

Thank you 🙂

Comment by Ann

I assure you that with enough force, they can be blown out. I first noticed an awkward blockage long ago and my wife thought I was being a massive hypochondriac. Tremendous pressure blowing and a slab came out size of a quarter about 1/4″ thick.

I too had the surgery but was warned I’d be one day dealing with them again. Doctor was resistant about a follow up surgery so long as they were tolerable, but I’ve finally reached the point of similar discomfort as that very first time. I’ve been forcefully blowing my nose in hopes I’d manually remove this one too, but no avail. Next stop… Pharmacy.

Is worth noting that since my original correction, I’ve blown out tiny polyps on various occasions, but nothing like the original monstrosity that started this mess.

I don’t struggle with daily discomfort or issues with smell or taste (though frequent headaches have been part of my regimen since childhood); my only discomfort is when a swollen polyp blocks my nostril and becomes cause for constant runny nose in which can’t be blown or stopped because of the polyp blockage.

Comment by Mikal

These home antidotes will be considered before a diagnosis can be alleviated with ease.
These are the medicinal use of it the healthy
foods, Milk products, this happens the circumference of the infected yeast infection picture area dry and clean water.
Systemic yeast infection symptoms subside. There are various methods of eating yogurt
and prebiotic juices, fruit yeast infection picture juices,
nor will it help to detoxify your body and causing the good bacteria as well.

Comment by homepage

Fellow suffers, just wanted to add an update. Have been taking the Vitamin C with Bioflavanoids for a couple months now (5000 mg each). Checked with my primary care doctor and pharmacist before I started. Both said okay to pursue. Last appointment with ENT he said the polyps have shrunk! He says it’s the Budesonide I’ve been taking with a nebulizer since Aug 2013. Not likely. Three months ago he was recommending second surgery. I attribute it to the Vitamin C/Bioflavanoids. He didn’t pay much attention when I told him this was my new routine. Still do the Budesonide but may stop it just to see what happens.

Last week I caught a small cold. Congestion. Yuck. Sense of smell went away … again. Rather than rush to call ENT and ask for Prednisone and antibiotics, I stayed with my Vitamin C/Bioflavanoid routine. After a few days congestion started to go away and after 7 days my smell started coming back, slowly but surely. A little more every day!

I’ve also tried to watch my dairy consumption. I haven’t given it up but I try to be more mindful of it. I’ve also started having smoothies once a day that contain anti-inflammatory foods like spinach, kale, berries, etc. I think that is helping as well. Hopefully my new routine will continue to be successful.

Different things work for different people, but the Vitamin C/Bioflavanoids and smoothies are working for me!

Comment by Larie

Great comment, Larie

Comment by brettcraig

Thanks for sharing your personal stories with everyone. My adventure started around 9 years ago with a deviated septum followed by chronic sinusitis that required a surgery followed by 5 years of glorius and blissful polyp-free life and then it came, growth on both sides, popping out of my nostril, that shrinks and grows and I had a surgery again, which gave me a relief for 6 months. Its back again and am not able to smell, breathe right, talk right or sound right. The biggest fear I have is that if somebody ties a gag around my mouth, I will be dead.

Comment by josephmatthew2014

So miserable. I am so sorry. How old are you? Curious. Mine have not returned 3 years later but wow, 5 years you were clear. Unreal. Then they come back. Terrible.

Comment by brettcraig

sorry for the late reply. i am 41.

Comment by josephmathewantony

Sadly I had been operated twice for this recurrent polyps, but I could not get rid of them. Just after ten months of my first operation it came back, then I scheduled 2nd Operation with a different surgeon. But alas! Polyps came back again just after a year. I lost my sense of smell. Being an employee of a hospital I had an opportunity to consult with different ENT Surgeons ( not less than 10) but every surgeons are having the same opinion that operation can not guarantee that Poly pus will not come back . What to do? Helpless!
I am afraid to go for an operation for third time.
I am sure recurrent operations are responsible for the loss of my sense of smell. Now I am not only having polyps problem but have become an anosmic patient as well.
My polyps when flares up it completely blocks air way, I spend sleepless night, only the sufferer knows how difficult it is to breath by mouth. Mouth & throat dries up, what a terrible situation.
Sometimes prednisone helps but once you stop, polyps flares up as usual. It seems this problem does not have any permanent solution. Sometimes I wonder is our medical science is so behind that it fails to make a permanent. Solution for such disease?

Comment by Chowdhury

I’m sorry and totally relate to your frustration. It does seem the science is behind and the answers are inadequate. I think there’s not enough people suffering from it to make the disease as front page as it should be. You might try some saline rinses w/ steroid and antibiotics mixed in. That what i do. Ask your doctor.

Comment by brettcraig

I have had this (chronic) horrible condition for 7 years. I refuse surgery, Prednisone (Taper,20mgs.) can be taken 2-3 times a year and does shrink them, but they return. Lucky to get 8 weks relief. I Lost my sense of smell without having surgery right from the start of this, but oddly enough it occasionally on its own will come back for very short periods of time(spurts). I believe this is caused by an allergy , maybe once the allergy decides to go (as they can do) then the polyps will shrink. However this could take many years, this is a chronic condition, of the most horribly, miserable kind. It effects my quality of life, yet there is no-one trying to help us who suffer from this…its just too unimportant on the list of other things to them. I hope and pray for the day that a simpe nasal spray once a day in the nose will shrink them on a daily basis! The other stuff does not help I have tried them all , and many times! A waste of your money. ENTS will tell you that you need surgery, over and over again, because that is what THEY do! It is NOT without some serious risk, and/or life long nasal effects, damaging the delicate tissues inside, like bloody nose( just from bending over) etc….etc…We can go to space, and have come a long way in fighting even curing some very serious diseases its almost 2015! c’mon now! We need relief, and our quality of life back!!!

Sadly….a nasal polyp sufferer.

Comment by Deb

I agree that its disappointing that there is not some spray or topical solution of some point. And agree its low on the list of medical problems – after all, medicine is a business too and you serve where the greatest need/money is – cancer, aids – etc.

That said, disagree the surgery isn’t a major benefit. For me, its been 3 years of clear breathing. Zero regrets. And would do it again. Agree the Surgery guys offer up surgery – but for many people it works and its a small miracle. When and if you get miserable enough, you’ll do it. Good luck!

Comment by brettcraig

surgery is an option and I should have mentioned that for those who choose to go that way, good luck and I wish them the best results. However I was just speaking for my self and this was only my opinion based on what I have been told by my own Doctors and a couple of people who have had the surgery more than a few times. The grow back rate is VERY high , but if it has helped others and lasted and is worth the results to them then I say they should go for it. As far as “if you get miserable enough, you’ll do it” Well I have been through the tortures of hell and back with this condition for 7 years, and have not done it yet, nor do I intend to. It isn;t about how miserable I have been or how bad this has effected the quality of my life( and believe me it has!) it is about trying to find a REAL, long term solution, without possibly repeated surgeries, the very high grow back rate, and the procedure that is in my opinion a temporary fix of the most ivasive kind. However I should have included that for anyone who decides to have the surgery it is an option that may give you relief, for however long, who knows, it is all a matter of choice and opinion. I wish all of us who suffer with this horrible affliction the best result regardless of the choice. Good luck, and God bless to all!

Comment by Deb

Hi guys, yes another sufferer here, current I am day 4 post op for polyps as well as rhinoplasty / septoplasy endoscopic procedure.

This is my 4th operation since 1988 and believe me it’s a lot less painful now. Let me some up some type of experience for those of you having surgery. You will be admitted to day surgury ward after having to fast, the fasting on its own causes a lot of problems with people getting headache and tense awaiting compounding the anticipation. When ready to go you will be prepped with drip and parked outside the theatre and with any luck you should not have to wait long 1/2 hour average, doctor will meet you advise procedure and you will also be drip connected by aneithatist. They will explain the discomfort of the nose pack upon awaking from recovery so to phyc yourself ready.

When you wake you won’t feel too much pain just very dosey but soon after you may have a terrible migraine to be expected
Your roof of your mouth will be as dry as sandpaper so take small sips of water, some people have panic attacks at this stage depending on past surgery experience, the next day you will have your packs removed, this is an experience on its own I have had 1 good experience on this and 3 very bad ones. You will bleed at this stage rather profusely if you are not used to seeing your own blood in reality it is really only a minor amount of blood loss from your head which is mostly mucus blood but quite gross none the less advise you don’t wear a shirt.

You may be ok to leave hospital after pack removed if your bleeding stops, your nose depending on procedure May or may not be too painfully, I had the works so mine hurt a bit more than what I remember on previous ops.

You can’t blow your nose NOW THIS REALLY SUX, some doctors advise 2 weeks sick leave I usually take one and go light on the first week back.

Btw, I had noticed that Beconaise spray used daily will keep the suckers ducking and help sense of smell, I don’t advise prednisone as this breaks the ammunition system down and opens up other complications however I do understand that at times we all need relieve no matter the consequence.
The operation does not hurt, u r asleep.
Once awake you will have a headache but pain relief pretty much fixes this.
You will more than likely throw up at some stage due to the old blood but u will feel better after it.
Your nose will be tender for a week or 2.
You will get to sleep in each morning due to being the poor little sick person in need of loving care so suck that up as long as it lasts hehe.

Hope this helped, all in all I do advise having procedure as these things can grow into your brain also in remote cases so don’t leave it too long.

Comment by Steve

Just an update since my June report. Alas, my sense of smell disappeared in late July after months of taking Vitamin C w/Bioflavanoids, which kept my sense of smell working as it should. I started on a 21 day Prednisone and my sense of smell came back about 85% but as soon as I stopped taking it my sense of smell was gone, even with the Vit C/Bio continued. Now I’m back to square one. Finding something that works for even a short time and not taking the Prednisone was worth it. Won’t do the surgery again even though doctor recommended it. Too much fallout (ear issues, nose issues, etc.) still occurring after 2 years since surgery. I continue my quest!

Comment by Larie

Guys, I have the exact same story, polpys removed and now back. I have bad allergies which I know is the cause but I have zero taste or smell and that’s what really bothers me. I had two kitchen fires because I went into another room and couldn’t smell the smoke. Anyway, have tried all that is listed and now will try the vit c and bioflavonoids…off to health food store to get them. Hope it works out as I’m out of options and don’t want to do the prednisone as they just come back anyway:(

Comment by Mel

Mel, I was really happy with the outcome for the short time it lasted. I was also doing smoothies with fresh kale, spinach, fruit, and almonds. I slowly stopped doing the smoothies but continued the Vit C Bio. Looking back I know wonder if the sense of smell/taste started to phase out when I quit the smoothies. Maybe the combo of the Vit C Bio and smoothies (high anti-inflammatory foods) was the trick. Gonna go back on both when I finish this round of Prednisone. Good luck!

Comment by Larie

Hi Laurie. Thx for responding. How much bioflavonoids did you take?

Comment by Mel

I took 3000 mg to start to see how my stomach would handle it. No issues so upped to 5000 mg per day. Could only find 500 mg capsules so I was taking 20 capsules per day. Didn’t care. It worked!

Comment by Larie

Thank you I will buy today.

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Comment by Mary Ellen McGeachie

Just discovered this blog as I lay awake 6 days after my third surgery to remove nasal polyps. Thanks to all for the commiseration! I’ll share my experience in case it can help anyone else about to have the surgery.

Cause of my polyps are my severe environmental allergies. For some reason doctors never put me on allergy immunization therapy. Had my first surgery at age 20. The ENT performed CT scan aided surgery (where they use a picture of your sinuses as a guide during surgery.) The recovery was BRUTAL! Woke up coughing blood everywhere, was pretty much debilitated for 7 days.

Had surgery #2 at age 27. Surgeon did not use CT scan method and I was basically able to go back to work the next day. Virtually no pain, which was a welcome surprise since I was expecting the worst. However, during my follow up he noticed that my sinus tissue was already displaying what he called “marbling” – irritation due to my allergies. After this, I regularly irrigated my sinuses (which I didn’t do the first time) but I was still constantly sneezing and blowing my nose due to allergies. Polyps returned 1-2 years later.

Just had surgery #3 at age 30. No CT scan, and this time the doctor specifically told me NOT to irrigate. This made clearing all the gunk out of my nose after surgery a huge pain in the ass. I wasn’t in much pain and was able to answer work emails the day after the surgery, but it was very uncomfortable not to be able to irrigate. On day 3 after the surgery, I was allowed to gently blow my nose and use a basic saline spray. I gotta say, I was extremely paranoid that non-irrigation would result in my sinuses congealing into a block of cement, but that hasn’t been the case at all. As I’ve healed, I’ve gradually expelled the dried blood and coagulant to the point where – gasp – I can actually breathe out of my nostrils, even before I go in for my first post op visit next week.

So that’s my backstory, and here are my recommendations if you’re considering surgery:
-If you’ve never been under anathesia and this is your first surgery, it’s going to be brutal. You WILL need the week to recover
-The CT scan method is not the way to go. Good ENT surgeons don’t need it
-Irrigation the day after surgery makes you feel soooo much better as it helps clean out the crap, but as you heal 3-4 days into recovery (and you’ll know you’re healing because you’ll feel less sore!) it’s also good to gently blow your nose and jumpstart your natural way of clearing your nasal passages.
-Most important, and this is obvious from my story, be active in having a plan to prevent the polyps from recurring after your surgery. I did not do this the first two times. Part of that is because I was young and generally irresponsible, but I never pressed the issue with allergy doctors, I got lazy about taking antihistamines, I accepted/ignored my suffering and as a result needed the surgery 2 more times. I am now determined not to go through this again. Since allergies are my bane, I’m now getting allergy shots, regularly cleaning and dusting my house, taking zyrtec everyday until the shots do their thing, and being as proactive as possible about addressing the root of the problem. As you can see from other responses here, some people only have the surgery once and they’re fine, while others need it many times. The goal is not to be in that second category if at all possible, and chances are likely that making no environmental or lifestyles changes after surgery will land you in it.
-If you’re not sure what’s causing your polyps, make sure that after your surgery you try everything! Regularly irrigate! Make an appointment with your allergist! Dust your domicile and check it for mold! Exercise! Try cutting out milk! Sacrifices may be involved, but being able to breathe and smell is worth it. You don’t have to live with this burden like it’s some cross you’ve been selected to bear. Took me too long to realize that.

Wishing you all the best.

Comment by Jeremy

I think I have the same thing. I can see the polyp in my right nostril. I can never smell nothing most of the time. Have to breathe out of my mouth. I get sick a lot. Never seen a doctor about it yet. But I’m about too in two weeks. Bc I’m tired of thinking I’m always sick

Comment by Michael Hardin

Yea. Thats the problem. You’re always sick and won’t get better.

Comment by brettcraig

Read ur story and thought was reading about my self… I have struggled with polyps for over 20 years and I’m getting so bad I have to eat a not 7 benadryl a day to even function… went foe cat scan and mine also are so bad that even surgery seems to be difficult. I have now started on a candida diet as I found out I might harbour fungus in my polyps… have been on the diet for 2 weeks now and .my polyps are more swollen and irritated than ever… hoping this is one of those; worse before it gets better ….. anyways, did u go for surgery?

Comment by Nina svele

I’ve been suffering with this for the past several years Ive tried all the nasal sprays but nothing works my life has become a living nightmare. This combined with suffering with warts on my hands and feet has made me a total shut in I never go out I feel disgusting and just want to kill myself, I’m only 24, though life would of lasted longer than this

Comment by Rob

Rob, talk to your “Higher Power” (God to me) and get some professional help! We are not alone. I’ve battled with polyps and have other physical stuff going on so I look different too. So what? We are all God’s children and are okay. Get some help to blossom into yourself. This blog has some great info! Take it in and please don’t give up.

Comment by Pink

This is a very helpful blog. Thanks to the creator of it and to all who participate!
I searched for information on nasal polyps today after awaking this morning needing to sneeze and blowing one out on a tissue (yikes!). It started bothering me a couple of nights ago while blowing my nose and feeling something move but not come out. It almost blocked my right nostril after blowing, then would move back where it was so I could breathe better. I’ve had real bad allergies lately, sneezing and blowing a lot. A few mornings ago, I awoke to a nosebleed, which I think was it beginning to detach. I didn’t feel it until a couple of nights ago. Glad it is gone! Had them when I was younger. Did the Prednisone and nose spray thing and they went away. Still use the Flonase (Rx) spray but haven’t consistently for awhile, except the last couple of days. Used a sinus rinse today then put some colloidal silver drops in as well to prevent infection. Took 2500 my of Vitamin C (per suggestion read here), with another dose later tonight. Taking it easy too, so it doesn’t start bleeding. Sure feel better. Going to see a doc sometime soon, just to make sure everything is okay. I live in the high desert, very dry climate. Back to gardening tomorrow. Thanks again!

Comment by pinkster55

Hi everyone, please check this out!

There is Mold in Your Coffee Maker
And you should clean it regularly.
We are serious about water. As a close second, we are almost as serious about coffee. 12 people work in our Austin, Texas offices, yet we have two coffee makers. We recently saw an article on the Huffington Post, which nearly made us spit out our second-favorite drink. The article was called Your Coffee Maker Is Full Of Mold. Here’s How To clean It. The article quoted a National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) study finding half of all basic coffee makers had yeast and mold, and one-in-ten had coliform bacteria. If that wasn’t gross enough, the article went on to say on average, home coffee reservoirs had higher germ counts than both bathroom door handles and toilet seats.
Apparently, hot water isn’t enough to get the “yuck” out. The article quoted Carolyn Forté, director of the Home Appliances and Cleaning Products Lab at the Good Housekeeping Research Institute, about the most effective way to clean your coffee maker. Forté suggested vinegar, which we rushed out to buy a gallon of, and use in the office.
“The carafe, lid and filter basket should be cleaned daily with warm, sudsy water,” Forté told The Huffington Post via email. “A coffee maker that’s used daily should be decalcified about once per month in hard water areas and every two to three months in soft water areas.”
Similar rules apply for “pod-based machines” like Keurigs – debris can clog their many nooks and crannies, so they also benefit from a vinegar run-through every few months, Forté says.
No matter how often you use them, these decalcifying steps (outlined here by Huffington Post for classic coffee makers) are the key to better-tasting, mold-free coffee:
Fill the coffee maker’s water chamber with equal parts white vinegar and water. Using a paper filter, allow to brew until half the chamber is empty.
Turn the coffee maker off and let it sit for 30 minutes, then finish brewing.
Rinse the machine by using a new paper filter to brew a pot of clear water. Do this twice.
Fill the carafe with warm, sudsy water and some rice as a gentle abrasive. Swirl the mixture in the pot, then use a scrubber sponge to remove any gunk. Rinse and dry.
Wipe the outside of the machine with a damp cloth (this and the previous step should really happen every day).
We don’t have the carafe style of coffee maker in the office, we have a Keurig and a Nespresso machine (I told you we loved coffee. I should have warned you we were also coffee snobs). Feeling really grossed out, I filled both of the machines water chambers with straight white vinegar and started running it through one cup at a time. The office smelled like a pickle factory. I got a lot of complaints. Don’t these people care that I’m trying to save their lives? Undeterred, I kept hitting “brew” until the vinegar was gone. Then I filled each tank, twice, with tap water and ran that through. I thought it was enough until my co-worker Chris made a cup of coffee. As soon as she added the half-and-half it curdled. The half-and-half was opened the day before, so we still had vinegar in the tank (this was confirmed when Chris took a sip- sorry Chris!). I filled each water tank again and repeated the flushing. I then made another cup of coffee and added half-and-half. No curdling! Chris skeptically accepted my peace offering and took a sip. Although I curbed her want for a cup of coffee, she said the new cup tasted “fine”. I consider that a success. Low levels of mold in the coffee pot wouldn’t be detectable.

I now know our office coffee pots are clean, thanks to the vinegar induced, curdled half-and-half. Just knowing that makes me feel like it now tastes better. If you haven’t done so recently, clean your coffee maker. And always use filtered water when you make your coffee. I don’t know about you, but I’ll take curdled half-and-half in my coffee over mold and bacteria any day.

Comment by Wally

I have the same issue, if you are still having problems I suggest seeing an allergist along with your ent because an allergy is what causes the polyps in the first place. I found out that I was allergic to aspirin which I had been taking for years. You must take oral steroids to shrink the polyps and treat the allergy before getting another surgery to remove the polyps or else they will be back in a couple years or less. Unfortunately we must deal with these damn polyps for the rest of our lives but for me treating the allergy first and understanding why they appear has been the most helpful in preventing their return.

Comment by Dara

Wow! I am so tired of chronic sinus infections and feeling everyone thinks it’s “all in my head.” No known.allergies. Very sensitive to odors, particularly floral and chemical that others don’t seem to smell. Wish I had found site earlier. Very interesting info. Am scheduled for surgery the 29th, but now I wonder if it’s worth it. Polyps and a fungus-filled sphenoid sinus adjacent to an that has 18 coils. Dr doing CT aided surgery. Hate to hear of everyone’s long recovery time and discomfort. Tips, anyone???

Comment by BearlyChatty

Hello, how are you feeling since your surgery?
Hope your recovery time is short.

Comment by Myra

Thanks for writing this blog, this is the first time I have done across others cursed by the polyps. I’ve had sinus troubles for around 3-4 years, this last year has been the worst. I have headaches, can’t breathe most the time, have to gasp for air while in conversation and whilst eating which causes me so much embarrassment. I have become very hermit like as I get panicky lately too. I’m suffering quite a lot with acid reflux which my doc thinks could be an issue from swollowing air. Did anyone else have this? My head aches most the time and I just want to curl up. It’s even effected my business now! Everyone asks me constantly if I have a cold, even phone operators! Urgh it’s awful!

I am waiting for my op and although I’m worried I just can’t wait to feel healthy again!!!

Sorry for the rant I’m just glad to let it out with someone who understands. Hope all is good with you 🙂

Comment by Cat

Aww, I definitely understanehat your going through. I have now been awarded the name “mouth breather” at work. According to them and everyone else I sound like a creepy old lady. Lol
One guy I was sitting in front of just suddenly busted out laughing. I asked why, he said because your nostrils are flaring up. I’m like yea bro that’s just me trying to live and breath with my mouth closed at the same time.
I love this site because I have learned from this page, then what any doctor/surgeon have ever told me.
Don’t worry rant all you want, that’s how we learn from each other.

Comment by Myra

Finally a helpful post about this problem.
Im 38, and get sinus problems every 3 months, some are more violent than others. I use afrin type spray at night to sleep. Neti pot, exercise, apple cider vinegar, they finally go away in about 3-6 weeks, then come right back. This particular time I noticed a huge white polyp in my left side. I wonder if I have had these all along and they are finally getting the recognition they deserve. I have considered pulling it out with tweezers. Anyone have success removing one on their own? I dont have insurance right now and dont really want to do surgery. I am interested in changing diet, that seems to make the most sense for long term prevention. 5000mg V C as well. Thanks for the post.

Comment by jeffjah

I don’t reco tweezers. Lots of bleeding. Not a good thing. You’re best hope, I think, is removal with a professional.

Update us!

Comment by brettcraig

So, Im cirrently 18 yrs old and have had nasal polyps for about three years (maybe more, we thought I had yearly allergies and pretty much allowed them to grow). Idk if its a requieremnt for everybody but I also have an allergy to aspirin….point is my doctor is giving me aspirin in an attempt to shrink the polyps (I had to go through my aspirin dissentisation twice) and every now and then he’ll give me prednisone for a few weeks, the prednisone works wonders but after I’m done with it the polys just go back (the prednisone also makes me gain TONS of weight and makes me super moody). I cant breath at all, my right nostril is completly blocked, I can actually feel the poly if I touch the outer layers of my nose and the thing is practically falling due to gravity, I can’t sleep because I cant breath, I cant taste anything (its so hard to breath with your mouth as you eat), and I just get so frustrated with it (I want to taste food and sleep). Ive been through this aspirin-prednisone cycle for about a year and I’ve been thinking that surgery is probably the right way to go now and I’d like to know how that would work, and how I should approach it with my doctor. I’ve never had any problems like this before and its just very frustrating, it affects almost every aspect of my life; I dont even like speaking when they get big because I sound congested all the time (and people just HAVE to point it out). Is there any way i could get some advice with this? Im really scared that I’ll get the surgery and they’ll just grow right back.

Comment by Ashley Guzman

Well look, I’m still going strong 4 years after removal. I do flonase. Get lots of sleep. And they haven’t come back. I will say this… If you have them, they absolutely will not go away. They are a mass jelly-like flesh. And they won’t just leave. They will flare and subside. But You must remove them if you want to breathe clearly. This was my experience. Look, the surgery is scrary but get a good doctor and its actually quite routine for them. You will survive. You’re young and you will get a major reprieve.

Should you exhaust other options? Sure. But i just think these masses are only so responsive to oral meds and sprays and they create a vicious cycle of sickness. You cant drain or breathe and colds run on longer and linger and sinus infections are the inevitable result, which exacerbate the whole thing. Polyps grow. Rinse. Repeat.

See a ENT. See 2 or 3. Get recommendations. And remove the evil from your nose. Listen, i am fully prepared to do it again… The misery of living with it is not worth it.

Comment by brettcraig

Okay, so I’ve been on the aspirin desensitization for about 2 years now, and I’ve had to visit the doctor every three months, it’s still annoying because I’ve had to interrupt my life because of this, my doctor was always able to convince me to continue on the treatment (because he wanted to find an effective treatment, he doesn’t think they’ll go away but he wants to at least control them). But, during my last visit he stared me in the eyes and said “I dont really think I can do anything else for you.” and recommended me an ENT. Not a very positive thing to say, but he was direct and I appreciate that. Anyways, I’m scheduled for a meeting with my ENT in a few weeks or so, and my doctor told me that afterwords we might do aspirin desensitization and allergy shots to try to stop the polyps from coming back…not the best outcome but I suppose its worth it to keep these things from continuing to grow. Thank you to everyone that replied, your comments are greatly appreciated and were taken into consideration when deciding what to do. I’m just so tired of living with these things in my nose. Again, thank you.

Comment by Ashley Guzman

Hi Brettcraig, how are you doing now. Are you still clear? I am currently waiting for surgery. I’ve had the polyps for about 6 years and they’ve made life uncomfortable with being constantly blocked, poor sense of smell. But now I have started getting sinus toothache which is unbearable so I can’t wait for the operation. I refused spray treatments as there were too many side effects

Hope you are still clear

Comment by Brinose

I am better still!! No new polyps (that i know of!)

Comment by BC


Yip the nose can be a real pain not to mention all the looks you get when you keep sniffing and stuff. OK you need to get this sorted I have had op 3 times and there is no pain its just the sick feeling you may have after it due to blood in stomach from op which is natural feeling.This is such a routine op now that you are out the same day on occasions. I would suggest highly that yiu get a ear nose and throat doctor to check u out as these polyps can grow right up to your brain and cause real dramas when they finally need to operate. Rule number one if you feel that something is not right with your body u r proberly right so if i were u i would be on the phone right now.

Comment by Steve

Thank you, its reassuring to now that it won’t hurt as much as I think it will, it just makes me nervous to have to visit another doctor (I’ve had so many appointments throughout the years do to the polyps, it just gets so exhausting.) I will soon visiting an ENT and will be taking about a future surgery.

Comment by Ashley Guzman

I read your comment on the comments, and seems like you do not think tea tree oil is effective. So here’s a summary of my story. I am 51 years old and had polyps for 12 years. Five years ago I had surgery and had them all removed. My ENT said it looked like a cauliflower patch in my head. About 2 years ago they started to grow back. While on prednisone I was able to pull one low hanger out from my right side with minimal bleeding, probably due to the steroid. I was good for a while, but then I got a cold and now my left side is completely blocked. I read about tea tree oil and gave it a try 100% undiluted, tastes like crap and burns a little, but over the first week of using it I actually BLEW out three small polyps from my left side. The poly on the right side is still huge, but has dropped down into flashlight view as has gone from pink to white. It’s driving me crazy and I picked at it a little with tweezers as I wanted to see how attached it was, which I ended up tearing the tip of it and making it bleed, luckily the bleeding was not that bad and stopped. My wife who is an Rn was freaking out and warning me about causing a septic infection, hopefully the tea tree oil will prevent that, and I did clean the tweezers with alcohol. Anyway this is where I am at now and I really do not want to go back for another surgery and another etc. BTW, I have been very religious about using a saline neil med sinus rinse and steroid nasal spray and allegra D daily since the first op and they still came back. In hopes that I can stop the ENT cycle and get the polyps to fall out I am continuing to use the tea tree oil, going gluten free (including beer arrrh), cutting dairy and adding vit C and apple cider vinegar drink (8oz water to table spoon x 8 cups a day which is supposed to dry things up). If I do not see any improvements over the next week, with the polyp still right there at dawn before day break I might try to get some more prednisone and pull it, or at least try to talk my ENT into doing it in office with the nasal forceps, but I doubt she will do this as they want the insurance money from the op.

Comment by Mike

Keep me updated!

Comment by brettcraig

Hi Brett,

I ended up pulling the thing out last Friday night with a pair of tweezers. Just stuck them up there grabbed and gave it a one two three go. I didn’t get the whole thing, left some of the stalk as it tore, but got 70-80% of it. It was pretty big, like the size of a quarter, very surprising that it was this size as only the tip was peaking through. Funny thing is that it did not hurt at all. Same thing after my op, the doc gave me vicodin and told my wife I’d be in a lot of pain, but I had NO pain, never even took a Tylenol yet alone the vicodin. It has bled a little for first two days after, but I figure just like after surgery, do not blow your nose for a couple days and today, the third day, it has stopped. I feel way better, amazing how you feel after the obstruction is gone. Anyway, staying on my diet, no gluten, wheat, sugar or dairy. No Alcohol, but I am still having half a cup of black coffee in the morning. So well just see how things go, at the very least I think I bought myself so time. For me the worst thing about having multiple op’s is not only the usual risks but I feel like crap for three months after the anesthesia.

Anyone here found a good So Cal ENT that will remove these things in office with laser or polypvac?

Comment by Mike

Hi All
Where to start. I remember standing in a shower blowing my nose waking the world up all kinds of colours and mucous then one morning waking up feeling like I had a cork up each nostril, mouth bone dry, cracked lips, no taste (ring any bells)?
I went to the doctor, put on a course of steroids. I’m sure these gave me sweats etc so stopped. The nasal spray didn’t do much so used an OTC instead. 15 months on nasal polyps still come and go, my head feels full, ears ache occasionally, dizzy, feel like shit and now I get itches on the face and head no idea what this is maybe to do with sinus infection around the face.
I’m being referred to specialist. not feeling much confidence in that. Hope one day Im happy again.

Comment by Allan


I’ve lost my sense of smell and taste for a few years now yadiyada ect… I’ve just finally seen an ENT last week and of course nasal polyps!

I’ve been researching on diet and such. Do you guys think this would be okay to eat?

Comment by adragonspirit

Houston, Texas area – If anyone needs a referral to the ENT who finally helped me after 8 previous surgeries by other doctors, let me know. You will need to send your email address so it can be sent privately. *Webmaster may have suggestions for other means of contact.

The 9th surgery was performed by this doctor who was able to go farther towards the eye and brain than other ENT’s who are not specially trained to do so. He was able to open up my sinuses more than the others.

I am not w/o problems but I have gone over a year w/o another surgery where I was getting them approx. 2 times a year so huge improvement in my opinion and w/o having to be on antibiotics constantly.

**But you have to maintain – that is the key to keeping this disease at bay by making nasal irrigation a DAILY routine. I use a NeilMed bottle with saline packet after brushing my teeth, before getting into the shower. If I miss more than 1 day, I get infected again so the irrigation does indeed work. Because of my severity, I also use a compounded script of powdered fluticasone added to the rinse every other day. I also take daily: Allegra (1/2 to 1 whole 180 mg tablet), Singulair (generic), Flonase (generic). This has been working well for me. My doctor and I stay away from steroids which is wonderful.

My journey dealing with this disease is not over but at least it is manageable.

Comment by Jennifer

Yes please send it to me

Comment by Giselle Johnson

Food grade hydrogen peroxide!!!! Look into it!!!

Comment by Jennifer Fitzpatrick

Can you tell us more about food grade hydrogen peroxide? What about it? Also can someone tell me about how to use reared oil? Do you put it in the saline rinse?

Comment by Mel

I am just seeing that I have a nasal polyp. I also have sinus problems and pancreatitis. As I read the comments, it sounds like a change in diet can fix both my problems.

Comment by Tammy hall

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