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I created this quasi-blog for the hundreds of thousands of people, like me, who’ve had sinus problems and are considering FESS (Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery)  to correct it. This blog is for anyone who’s had this surgery, are considering having it and, especially, those who are about to have it.

For me, I want to know as much about things as I can. For others, they’d rather be in the dark about the details. If you’re the latter, perhaps you’ll want to click off this blog now.

But if you’re the former – someone who wants to know everything there is to know about what it’s like to live with nasal polyps – and probably, more importantly, if you’re reading this now, what the surgery to remove them is like to go through – well, read on. (And put down your sandwich. This isn’t exactly an appetizing read.)

The reason I created this blog was, as I considered having this surgery myself, I found myself mining the web for personal experiences. I wanted to know just how bad or not-so bad this procedure would be.

And, as the surgery date approached I found myself combing the web yet again to find out what I could expect: should I be scared? What’s it’s like the day of surgery? What’s the pain like? What’s recovery like?  Did people feel it was worth it?  We’re the people undergoing FESS suffering from the same symptoms as me and did it help them breathe normally as they hoped it would?

Just maybe these are questions you’re asking if you’ve drawn a winning ticket in the Sinus-Polyp-Hell Lottery, like me.

At the end of the day, sinus problems are not the worst things that plague humanity, in terms of maladies. However, if you suffer from it, it’s pretty darn miserable. You’re chronically stuffed up, chronically fatigued, you’re always sick and you’re always taking antibiotics, you snore and your significant other wants to take a pillow and suffocate you. You’re always trying some homeopathic, snake-oil cure-all in a hail mary attempt to escape the constant sinus hell you’re living in.

And your friends and family? Believe me, I know they don’t get it. Their sinuses are pretty much normal – they get an occasional cold or sinus infection, but that’s about all. And so they tell you things like “blow your nose”, “try some saline spray”, “try that neti-pot thingy” (neti-pot? you’re assuming my sinuses are open enough to let water through them – mine weren’t), “inhale some steam” (hey jackball, I can’t get air through my nose, much less steam) and all other manner of ill-informed sinus advice. They’re trying to help, but it just makes you kinda more frustrated and miserable.

So, welcome, fellow sinus sufferer or whoever else has stumbled onto this blog. Feel free to commiserate, share a story or just read mine.

It’s my hope that by knowing a little more, you’ll actually be comforted. You actually might get that much closer to ending your sinus suffering once and for all by deciding to take the leap and have sinus surgery, if that’s indeed the right decision.

Maybe, just maybe, you’ll discover – as I did – there’s a light on the end of your hairy nostril.



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Thank you, thank you for the supportive idea. I feel pretty miserable my self . it was funny, I was laying in bed tonight and imagining how long has been since my nose has been driving me crazy and that I couldn’t imagine leaving with this for the rest of my life, so I google “leaving w/ nasal polyps” and the first website I clicked was yours. It feels good to know I am not alone. 

Comment by Roberta Macdonald

I hear ya, Man. Such a persistent pain in the butt. I hope you find a solution to your situation. I’m well over a year polyp-free and couldn’t be happier. Look into that surgery if you’re suffering from polyps. Good luck.

Comment by brettcraig

Not sure whether i responded to you, Roberta. Yea, sometimes knowing others know the feeling just helps. While i imagine someday they’ll be back and sometimes it feels as if they are coming back, the improvement via surgery has been very good for me. So I’m enjoying this respite. I would do it again too.

I hope you’re able to find some relief, Roberta.

Comment by brettcraig

Polyp War 2012 update:
I declared war on the nose polyps invading my body 2 weeks ago and am making significant progress in shrinking the little beasts. I am 65 years old and am working on my polyp problem as if it is my job.

I have the double curse of also having sleep apnea and must use a c-pap machine to breathe every night. I now realize that the polyps contribute to my development of sleep apnea.

I am determined to get my sense of smell and taste back. The program I developed for myself has come into place after much research and soul searching.

Two weeks ago [the Blob}, the polyp in my left nostril was just about to emerge from my nose. It looked like the end of a finger starting to come out of my nose. That’s when I declared “Polyp War 2012”.

Here is what I have done so far. I have managed to shrink the “blob” down to about 20% of what it was 2 weeks ago. I still can’t breathe through my nose, but it is easier to blow my nose now. I assume that the polyps farther up my nose and in my sinuses are also shrinking equally.

Everything blog I read and persons I talked to all said that beer and wine made the polyps more severe.
I deduced that yeast was the culprit so I decided to give up beer, ale, wine and all alcohol made with wheat, barley or rye grains, I still have tequila made from cactus!. This lead me to decide to go gluten free.

I decided to do a candita cleanse to rid my body of as much fungus as possible and start taking “probiotics” to put good, essential bacteria back into my system. I had taken a round of antibiotics after a strange infection appeared under my thumbnail 2 months ago.. My thumbnail fell off! I discovered that this was caused by an infestation of candita albicans.
I have stopped eating sugar, salt, flour,potatoes and most all carbohydrates that turn to glucose in your system and feed the candita.
The most important weapon I have is using my old Champion juicer every day. The polyps started to recede the first day I started drinking fresh carrot juice twice a day! I read about using carrot juice while researching the use of lotus root plaster on a Chinese home remedy website. I can’t stress enough the power of fresh made juice.

I also started putting tea tree oil into my nose twice a day. The first time my nose felt like a volcano going off. It got easier to do as I continued using it. I figure I can take it if it even helps one little bit in killing off the evil bastards living in my nose.
I admit these are not easy or enjoyable things to do but I am at war and I will do anything to win this war.

I have talked to my doctor and will start a nystatin program soon.

I want to be able to taste, smell and breathe normally again.
Good luck to all fellow sufferers,
Captain Buck

Comment by Ken Rissler

Your article is dated 2012, we are now in 2014,so please tell us if you manage to completely shrink the polyps by the method you were using.

Comment by Radha

Use castor oil it really worked on me

Comment by adi

I have suffered on and off from polyps for about 30 years, having had 2 polypectomies (very unpleasant). My last bout of not being able to breathe/smell/taste motivated me to search the internet for any snippets that would help. I started taking apple cider vinegar, 2 tablespoons three times a day in hot water with honey. I then cut out of my diet bread pasta wheat and just ate fruit vegetables and fish. After a couple of weeks I could breathe through one nostril shortly followed by the other. Roughly 2 weeks later I could smell not fully but at certain times of the day shortly after I could smell completely and now can fully taste. In all it took about 6 weeks and I am fully cured. I stick rigidly to this diet as it only takes a small deviation to get your symptoms back. I hope if anyone tries this it will help them as I understand what a living hell it can be. Rachel

Comment by Rachel Bannister

Like most of the comments on here, I have suffered from Nasal polyps and now have developed Adult onset asthma. No taste and smell for a considerable period has now driven me to act and I am going to follow the advice from Rachel Bannister as well as cut out alcohol, peanuts and all the usual suspects. Will feedback progress in due course.

Comment by Graeme Kinghorn

Am just writing a quick paragraph here because the comments from Captain Buck about really bad nasal polyps and beer and wine making them worse pretty much exactly is what I used to have. It turns out that I have Samter’s Triad (my doctor calls it AERD), and that most of us have the same types of horrible symptoms, and that wine is a realyl bad one to add to the mix, though no one seems to know why. The website that taught me the most about it is AERD which is like an encyclopedia of helpful stuff. I am doing anything possible to avoid another surgery!

Comment by SCGoodwin

I have the surgery seven times and the polyps continue to grow so please do not be under the impression that if you have the surgery, it’s all over. NOT THE CASE. Further the more surgeries you have the faster they grow back. Hope you have better new for me than I have for you. Please HELP!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by GS SOKA

Try castor oil

Comment by adi

Hi I’ve started castor oil nose drops. I’m really hoping it works. Did it work for you in a permanent way? Anyone else try it?

Comment by Suman

I have had these nasal polyps also for the last 30 years and totally feel sorry for all these poor suffers onone knows what it is like to they have it themself I really drives me crazy trying to blow my nose I feel as though I will burst my eardrumbs I long to smell the roses and taste my cooking I have had nine ops to remove them but the dam things always grow back but reading the blogs is making more determined to find my own remedy not to rely of hospital waiting lists for my relief. Last year I had a complication due to nasal polyps was called a cavious sinus thombosis – the only thing they could do was to have emergency surgery to remove one side of nasal polyps at least I jumped the queue. One eye had completely frozen and my lid had dropped down.

Comment by Louisa

hi family.. and why i said “family” .u can better understand..
polyp since 5 years. no sense of smell, always stuffed nose… but now its a war .. cut of ” carbs , anything cold,anything out of fridge. salt “. increased intake of fluid,with tea tree oil twice a day for trial ,only ion one nostril, as recommended by few friends in net. so far water keeps running out from one nostril.. will tell you abt progress … lets fight together.

Comment by sanjay

I must say after reading all these stories that I feel like family,
I to have suffered for many years and was told I had a severe case, three weeks ago I started using tea tree oil and castor oil on a q tip and right away the polyps began to melt like pouring salt on a slug, I literally was pulling the dead ones out with a hemostat and a mirror. they are almost all gone, no smell or taste yet, I am hoping my asthma will improve also.

Comment by Linda

Hi Linda, could you tell us if it worked in a permanent way?

Comment by Suman

I sincerely hope the comments I have put on here previously have helped, I follow Arnold Ehret’s mucusless diet healing system which definitely works, it has freed me from this terrible disease.

Comment by rachel bannister

PS surgery will only relieve you for a certain period of time as only the polyps are removed and not the stems on which they grow, I used to think it was a curse that I couldn’t eat bread, wheat pasta etc but I now look at it this way: my body will not accept me eating rubbish and makes me pay straight away so I have to eat the right foods ie fruits and veg or I will suffer

Comment by rachel bannister

Like everyone here I have had polyps for 13 years, I first lost my sense of smell when I was 26, breathing through my nose was imposible and if i had any kind of achohol it got worse. To make a long story short my doctor has had me on 1 CC of kenelog 40 every six months. For me it has worked very for the last 10 years well, I can breath and taste my food. Plus it keeps my polyps in check. I think its a better option besides surgery since they grow back and its cheaper.

Comment by Ken

Hi guys!

I like all of you have suffered/suffering from these damn polyps since 2008!

I’ve had them removed one by survey which wasn’t pleasant afterwards!! (packing removal)

I’ve been scouring the net for a place for all of us to get together and discuss nasal polyps.

I could not find anywhere!! So i created a forum for just nasal polyps!

It’s called

We have members signing up everyday! It’s only about a month old but it’s going well 🙂

Please join! It’s a non-profit Forum! I pay for hosting my self (it’s cheap) no adverts or anything popping out at you.

Just an online community for polyp suffered like yourselves :).

Hope to see you there!

Comment by David Day

Great work, I love this!

I know you have asked yourself ” Why does it keep coming back?”

I know because I had asked myself the very same question for over 20 years.

I suffered from a chronic sinus infection for years. I tried every single antibiotic, decongestant, nasal spray, irrigation device… you name it, I tried it.

It was only when the Doctor suggested sinus surgery that I began seriously looking for an alternative to the scalpel, stitches and a life time of saying “If only had found a sinus treatment that worked.”

What I suffered in 20yrs was gone in 3days cured.

This was where I found the solution.

This is now my 2nd year without sinus problems.

I Hope I helped.

Comment by Isaiah

I suffered for years with my right nostril virtually 100% plugged up for years. After researching the internet and youtube, I finally decided to heal myself. I couldnt afford the multiple thousands of dollars suggested for surgery. I soaked my nostril passages with saline water and red cider vinegar for a few weeks. That dramatically reduced the size of my polyps. Than I took a pair of tweezers and shreaded the deflated polyp apart down to the root. It took a half hour, it bleed for a half hour, but I keep up the saline water and red cider vinegar flushes and all is well, and I saved myself many thousands of dollars with no after effects. Jacob Charts

Comment by jsc1227

Wow. Self-surgery. Sounds a little too crazy for me! Glad you’re breathing!

Comment by brettcraig

Im better than breathing, Im completely healed, how do you think great grandpa did it, these modern medicine practices have us completely bullshitted in america.

Comment by jsc1227

Hello Fe.low Polyp Suffers.
I have suffered, and I do mean suffered, with allergies for 30 yrs plus. Recently it has become worst. Stuffy nose, drainage both from nasal and throat, lack of sleep and constant replies from ppl. asking if I have a cold. My voice e has changed completely. I have to use my voice in my profession and it has been a struggle.I recently tried the tea tree oil and it helped somewhat. Then I came up with a thought to try something that helps me with other healing processes and thought I would give it a try. Its called Swedish Bitters. I apply it with a q-tip several times daily. I have used it for about two weeks and have excellent results. I occasionally will apply both tea tree and Swedish bitters together. I purchased it at my local health food store. Around $30 per bottle. Try it, it works. Next I will try gluten free products. Hope this helps someone.

Comment by dianne

I was pregnant in 04 and it all started with itchy eyes then went to the runny nose. After that I started coughing 24/7. After I had my daughter they did a total check up and found out I has asthma! WOW wasn’t the wheezing I had obvious? haha So after that I noticed I wasn’t smelling and I’m completely blocked. They said oh it’s just a sinus infection. Finally I was referred to an ENT and they did a CT scan and BAM! I have nasal polyps. I’ve had 2 surgeries and they grew back while I was rinsing and spraying as I was told. Ive taken Prednisone off and on for a few years and all it’s done is blow me up like a balloon. Trying to find natural ways to get rid of this curse now and it’s so hard to get anything due to living in the Cayman Islands.

Comment by Heather


My husband has been suffering with nasal polyps for some months. The ent prescribed predinosone and though it helped, it hasn’t been eliminated and it was still bothering him. He was even thinking of surgery when we found this information about tea tree oil recently and he started using a few drops of it in distilled water (to his comfortable level), and put some drops with a nasal spray into his nostril. After 1-2 weeks, he feels like the swelling is mostly gone.
The other day he went to the ent, the dr put the endoscope in his nostril and they said they couldn’t see the polyp. He showed them the picture of the polyp that the dr took before, but to his amazement, the dr said it’s gone. Thanks to God for showing us this treatment. Just wanted to put it out there in case it may help anybody else

Comment by nasalpolyp

thanks for sharing it really help. but one quick questio. how does it feels to put the tea tree oil inside the nose, does it hurts?

Comment by bbtt

I tried T tree oil last night and this morningin and it seems to help. Hopefully even more better and get them shrunk to the point where I don’t think about them all day long and while trying to sleep. I am encouraged.

Comment by treydaytx

I 2 want to try.

Comment by Praveen Verma

Ok, just read this blogg, went to the Doctors a couple of weeks ago complaining about a three month cold. To then find I have nasal polybs…. Typical.

Now reading up only for find that even though we can do double heart by pass surgery, man can land on the moon and we know have usable electric cars, it seems that nasal polybs remain a mystery to modern day medical science….

Ummmm, seeing a consultant on Thursday for blood test for allergies etc. But seems that there is little in the way of relieve. I have been using a nasal sterile, but seems after three weeks to have made little impact.
Now considering some of the remedies I have found here.

I’ll keep you updated, but from what I have read seems I am stuck with this, without much hope.

Speak soonest

Comment by Clive moore

But you could get the surgery eventually, if the other remedies don’t work, right? There is hope. I’m much better and you may be too with the right steps. But I hear your frustrations!!! I can sympathize… It is shocking that science is so inconclusive on this particular malady!

Comment by brettcraig

Suppose to be a new surgery available, once the polyps are removed there gone forever.Get back for more info

Comment by Gary Soka

I have experienced nasal polyps over the last 50 years and had 3 polypectomies over the last 30 years. That was not fun.
Last night I couldn’t sleep. After googling and reading several articles I tried Tea Tree Oil. Surprisingly, at least to me, my right nostril opened immediately and slightly enough so I could breathe, but lasted for only about 30 minutes. This morning I used it again with greater success of about 7 hours. I am going to use it again as soon as I finish this comment. As suggested, I placed a bit on a Q tip and carefully placed it straight into my right nostril, until I believe I reached the polyp(s). No sting, just relief. Since Tea Tree Oil is a natural antibiotic, I am confident I will be partially successful in temporarily getting rid of the polyp(s). It is still better than going through another polypectomy. I am a male, age 67. I will repost as time goes on.

Comment by Mike Diehlman

After seeing the consultant, was interesting as he hadn’t read any notes. So ended up explaining all, then he LOOKED, yes you do have nasal polybs… Catergory 3 – or BIG ONES, will need surgery!!!

He then gave me a 10 day course of steriods…
this was after 3 weeks of a nasal steriod spray that did little, so little in fact I stuck antiseptic spray up my nose and that had greater effect!!!! My nose cleared within 2 days!

OK 10 day course of Steroids has been taken… the results are:

day 1-3, started to get breathing back.

day 3-5 this was interesting, the left nasal polyb GREW and slide nearly all the way out of the nose when I breathed out hard, it was like the WORST BOGY ever, the left passage, started to reduce in size.

days 5-8: All of a sudden TASTE, no more cardboard, I was in TASTE HEAVEN, butter, cheeses, wine, all exploded with excitement!!!!

days 8-10: I could BREATH for the first time in months, and possibly YEARS as being a mouth breather, I have never been able to breath, as always felt if I was drowning, not enough oxygen.

10 days on,

OK, NO feel of any polybs now hanging down my nose, I can still smell and taste…

Perhaps I may be one of the lucky ones,
but now I have a CT SCAN Booked for the 12th Nov, so will let you know the findings of the scan when I get the next stage of this story.

speak soonest,

breathing is so good, as for TASTE, steak isnt cardboard anymore, always thought it was the wifes cooking… very balns, I always liked currys as I could taste them

first steak I had, I tried it without any mustard, and its got taste – amazing how a Cow tastes…. a lot better than its smell 🙂

Comment by Clive Moore MA


I was diagnosed a few years ago with nasal polyps and prescribed steroid sprays. I discontinued them after a while since they were of no help in regaining my sense of smell. Recently the ENT recommended surgery which many people cautioned me against. I have started consulting an Ayurveda doctor here in India. He has given me an oil to be applied on both nostrils with cotton swabs. It has been a few weeks and voila! My smell is back!! I’m not sure whether the polyps are reducing in size so will consult ENT again after trying this for a month or so. So far I’ve had a runny nose which has been clearing out of mucus fast

Comment by ann

what oil did he give you?

Comment by Gary Soka

Was it something like castor oil?

Comment by Suman

I had a polyps when I was in college. The doctor gave me a nasal drop and a nasal spray. Within 2 weeks my normal breathing is back, I can taste food, I can sing clearly. But since nasal spray are expensive for me that time, and I don’t want to be dependent on it forever, I stopped. And then I noticed my polyps grow up so fast! It almost get out from my nose. And since I can’t afford a surgery, I just made a decision, I pulled out the polyps by myself. Using sterilized tweezers, a flashlight and a mirror. I’ve been pulling parts of it at night bit by bit and then one day I pulled out everything and I am so happy. (I know it’s not good having a surgery by myself but who cares it’s gone!). After few years I am now working, I forgot to discipline myself, I drink wine, beer, eat dairy products, acidic foods and viola! Polyp is back. So I went to an ENT cause I can now afford buying sprays and everything but it’s too late, the ENT told me it was too big and sprays won’t help. She told me to have a surgery, but I’m afraid of it. And then I became obsessed about finding other solutions aside from surgery and found out that polyp sufferers uses castor oils, Tea tree oil, Apple cider vinegar, eat alkalizing food. I am going to start my healthy diet now and I hope I will not be having a surgery in the future.

Comment by Daisy Jane

How has your treatment of the oils go? Any improvement?

Comment by Emilio

I have had three surgeries for removal. Did all of my follow up treatments religiously. Polyps back in no time. I have removed them myslef with hemostats and have been in awe at the size and amounts that I have pulled out Last night I pulled 2 out that I should have mounted they were so large. I bleed, rinse with warm saline water and then follow up with a water/peroxide 50/50 rinse. Today is the first time in some time that my right side can breathe clear. Left is still jacked up. Sleep apnea is a bitch with polys.

Comment by Trey Day

I’ve had sinus infections since 2009, year round allergies & for about a year now I’v lost my sense of smell & taste because of course now I also have polyps. I started reading this forum a 3 days ago & ran out to buy the tea tree oil, excited for some relief. I think I might be allergic to it as well, I sneeze a lot for about 1/2hr and then have nasal congestion worse than before I did the TTO, it clears up as the day goes on but then it just starts again when I do the night time dose. Is anyone else experiencing this? I’m thinking about stopping… =(

Comment by Lili

Hi Lili

How are you? How is your treatment going? Are you cured? Has your polyps gone? I am asking because I just started tea tree oil and have a smell like petrolium (benzyn). Also it looks like bigger. Will continue tea tree oil if you found it helpful. Please reply.

Comment by ibrahim

Hello Ibrahim& anyone else who might read this,

I gave up on the tea tree oil, it might work for some but it was making me worse. I started using Nasacort+ Claritin D, in about 2 days, I was at least able to breathe, started sinus wash as soon as I was able to breathe. When I finished the Claritin, I continued the Nasacort & still able to breathe, it’s been about a month now, but officially 14 months with no sense of smell. Then completely not related, I started using dead sea salt for a kind of rash I was getting on my face. Bought it in a health food store about $22 for a pretty large container, it came in a kind crystal form so I ground it up in a blender as much as I could. A handful a day with a couple of drops of water to create a paste, I’ve been putting it on my face, about half hour a day. It’s clearing my face but more than that I’ve been getting my sense of smell back, slowly, at first a couple of seconds, I thought I was imagining, but in another couple of days my sense has been back for minutes at a time! Coffee, my friend’s perfume =) Cigarettes, yuck! I looked more into the dead sea salt + it’s the only change I’ve made recently so I’m now going to try putting a couple of tablespoons in a small pot of boiling water to breathe in, crossing my fingers & will hopefully finally be cured. I’ve been told by doctors if my sense of smell wasn’t back by now, it wasn’t going to happen. Try the dead sea salt, if you’re like me, you’re spending $$ every week anyway trying something new. Leaving the country this week for vacation but I’ll check in when I get back & let you all know if there is any further progress. Good luck to everyone.

Comment by Lili

I’m 66 and male. I’ve suffered with sinus trouble and polyps that I got scoped. One was coming down from my ethmoid, very long. Anyway, I resisted surgery but tried sea salt wash and coconut oil wash. My breathing is better, but not back to before I was exposed to mildew.

I am thinking now about tea tree oil, plus I am rubbing castor oil in my skin over my sinuses on the right, the worst side. Having a lot of trouble sleeping right now. Will report back on progress.

Comment by jim Beecham

I’m 23 I’ve been suffering with this for the past 3 years, talking to my doctor is like talking to a brick wall, feel like jumping off a bridge 😦

Comment by rob

Get another doctor!!! Seriously. There’s plenty of good ones. Go see someone new! I saw 5 different doctors. I’m sorry you feel terrible – it is miserable!

Comment by brettcraig

Rob, read my post above. Suffering from sinus issues since 2009, polyps+ no sense of smell for a little over a year now. Doctors have given me several different nasal sprays through out the years, didn’t even bother opening them after a while, don’t know why, but Nasacort + claritin d, religiously at the same time every day. Look for the dead sea salt. Much luck.

Comment by Lili

Hi Friends,
I’ve been suffering since my late teens. Had two opp’s. And thought I was going to have to schedule another till I came across this page. It saved me! I got healthier, cut out wine and wheat. I smoked (not a lot, maybe 2 a day) I stopped that. I started drinking a lot more water to help keep my nasal lining moist. I closed the air vent next to my bed. Started eating more citrus fruits and vegetables And started using tea tree oil on my polyp. It got really bad two weeks ago and became visible, causing me to have no air flow on the right side:( Horrible! Two days after applying it directly and no more smoking I went to the gym (like every morning) but this time whilst on the treadmill I felt something go down my throat. I breathed in through my nose and shockingly the polyp had gone! I think the person next to me thought I was a little crazy when I did a little celebration dance!! I’m thinking that the running motion loosened things also helped not blowing but sniffing it up. Sorry thats a little gross..but true. I try not to blow my nose to often as it feels that can make it worse at times. I’m still using the tea tree oil- just a little in the morning incase it tries to come back!! I waged a war on the polyp and stayed positive that my body could win this!! And it did! Thank god. I wasn’t looking forward to another $5000 surgery! Oh and my ENT never once mentioned eating healthier, cutting out alcohol or using tea tree oil! Hope this helps and thanks to every one that has posted so far, I read every one of the posts and it helped!

Comment by Lauren Thumann

Hope they didn’t come back? Could you update us please?

Comment by Suman

No they have not come back!!!

Comment by BC

I had my polyps removed and deviated septum fixed in January 2014. I used Qnzal twice a day for two weeks (three weeks after my surgery) to control swelling and congestion due to my severe allergies. it was great.
I went to see an allergist, got all the tests done and started the treatment with shots once a week. My ENT told me to continue using Qnzal but only once a day, and to check with her in six months. For the first four months, the Qnzal kept my nose completely clear. it was perfect. Then, I started having strong shortness of breath and chest tightness. I immediately stopped Qnzal and slowly the symptoms went away. I checked with my ENT and told me that I probably had an allergic reaction to one of the components of the Qnzal, which is too bad, since I was doing so well with it. The ENT checked my nose and, so far, there is no polyps, and everything looks good. I am using saline Nasal drops, a natural medicine to help keep the sinuses clear (from a health store), the amazing Olbas inhaler, and at night, I use Neti pot.

I have to say, even my allergies have improved. I don’t have those crazy sneezing episodes I used to have and 98% of the time, I breathe through my nose. I am still fighting my allergies with the shots. Hopefully in two years I will start seeing real, permanent improvements.

My ENT did talk about diet and how some stomach issues can also affect the throat and the nose, and she sent me to see a nutritionist. We will see.

Thank you

Comment by dfrida

I never use western medicine. I know I could never afford it. I suffered for years with polyphs and cured myself with red vinegar and tweezers. I used a water bottle to flush my nostrils for two weeks before polyphs got so weak I just ripped them from the inner wall of my nostrils.They never came back. No surgery, no big bucks, no drugs, simple clean, never looked back. I refuse to use western medicine unless close to death. I never regretted that decision.

Comment by jsc1227

I suffer from a sinus disease called Samter’s Triad and am working with the doctor’s at Scripps Institute in California to combat this disease that many of use with nasal polyps suffer from. Please take 15 minutes to complete this survey so they can HELP those of us suffering with the disease. Click this link to take the survey now:

Comment by Jen Smith

Operation date: 12th September 7am

Will keep you informed of what happens next

Comment by Clive Moore MA

As someone who suffers from AERD, I know how hard life can be with all of the symptoms and medications we have to take. However, my life literally changed the day I met Dr. Andrew White at the Scripps Institute in California. Dr. White and the AERD team at Scripps are amazing and are asking for our help so they can better understand AERD. They only need TEN more people to hit their goal of 200 respondents. If you suffer from this disease – PLEASE take 15 minutes of your time to help the doctors that have dedicated their careers to helping to better understand AERD. Click here NOW to take the survey –

Comment by Jen

12th September I had the operation!!!
I can now breath, smell, taste, as well as now able to speak without stuttering due to not being able to internate due to not being able to breath/ causing problems with mis-prennouceinations of works where you need to breath.

Was it unpleasant?
No – more side effects from the anesthetic causing sickness straight after the operation, otherwise was able to BREATH even with packing in my nose – the first time in months!

The hospital did not use the “moustouche” packing like so many of you have mentioned… They use a dissolve-able gel, that after 4-5 days melted away.

Outcome: – 1 week on
At the moment I am regularly dosing my nose (1tsp Suger, salt + bi-carb + 1pt water) + adding steriod nasal drops. All seems well, except for a slight unpleasant discharge of blood from time to time…

Breathing for the first time in YEARS – I have always been a mouth breather, as couldn’t get enough air – now I can… Downside to this has been due to mouth breathing I have sever gum dieases that has resulted in the loss of 60% of my teeth by the age of 52… ONLY IF I had done this years ago, but its never been diagnosed until last years massive 3 month COLD!

Right – will keep you informed of the coming weeks.

IF your afraid of the OP – go for it!
Yes it may come back, but the BENEFIT of the op and the fact there is NO PAIN or pleasantries – make me thinks what seems an extreme way of getting rid of polybs – is a Sure Fast Way of doing it!

I have tried everything – the best was steroid tablets, nothing else worked – except for a period where T-Tree Oil burnt out the polybs, but then I was able to smell the T-Tree oil and this was horrible, made me sick for days!

So there you go – sign up for your OP today!

Comment by Clive Moore MA

Just over ONE month after surgery.

NEVER felt better – I can breath, and for me being a mouth breather for all my life, being able to close my mouth, and BREATH is amazing! The surgeon considered that I had had this problem since birth!!! So explains all.

However, its annoying that it took a serious explosion of polyps to diagnose this as a problem. Being a mouth breather I have suffered serious gum disease, that now means I am losings all my teeth!

IF only a connection was made years ago….
I now wouldn’t be needing major dental correction as well.

Comment by Clive Moore MA

Happy you are feeling better!!! Good luck on the dental work!

Comment by brettcraig

Boy I didnt go through any of this headache, I dont have insurance so I did the permanent fix. Used red cider vinegar solution with warm water to loosen the polyph and cleanse the nostril, via a plastic tea type spout. After two weeks took a pair a tweezers and just ripped it out. Main problem was on right nostril, I suffered for years could never afford western medicine. Afterwards every other day,I heat up water added some braggs organic red cider vinegar, and cleanse the nostrils for about fifteen minutes. That was three years ago never had a problem since. After reading about polyph sufferers going back for repeated surgeries I knew I would never go down that road. Im grateful I took the holistic approach, rather than the super expensive, reoccurring surgery approach. Thank god I never go to western doctors. Jake

Comment by jsc1227Jacob Charts

how do you do the tea tree oil, I have had polyps for 40 yrs, and have not found anything that helps except prednisone, I have had the operation , they came back, so Im willing to try anything, I seen some saying tea tree oil helped them, just wondering how you use it,

Comment by Sharen

use an ear bud dipped into the TeaTree oil, stick it up your nostril, and be ready for an electric shock!

If your polyps are really bad and mine where Grade 3 apparently, then you will not feel a thing! 🙂

As you use this treatment, you will find that the polyps will shed their skins, and little condoms will fall out of your nostrils! NICE 🙂 literally, so be prepared for s few shocks as things fall out!

But, then this is where this treatment FAILS, as your polyps start to recede, you can then Smell and Taste the Bitterness of the TeaTree oil, that makes it impossible to continue with this treatment – in my own case I because very nauseous using the TeaTree oil, so gave up only to find that the polyps came back again…

I’ve had the OP now 4 months, and still can breath, smell and taste!

Comment by Clive Moore MA

I’m scheduled for surgery on Tuesday and wondered if you’d rate the surgery 1 to 10 on difficulty, recovery, and how soon you were able to see the public. Was you taste and smell nil before? I’m without smell or taste, but ENT is confident I’ll get it back.

Comment by Bob Nichols Blowing Rock, N.C.

I have seen some people see there polyps, I cannot see mine, but when I had the surgery, the doc said I had so many that he could not get them all… I could taste and smell about 6 to 8 months afterwards, not worth going through that op again… Iam now using homopathy started yesterday, It is Bayberry, Fenugreek & Thyme, I will let you know if it works.. Im afraid to try the tea tree oil, I wonder if you would put it in a vaporizer if it would do the same as putting it directly in your nose…

Comment by Sharen

Is this forum still being used ? I see last posting was in January? I’m newly diagnosed so interested in any info I can get.

Comment by Lena Chenery

People post. I haven’t updated any articles lately. Hit me with any question. My experience is mostly documented here.

Comment by brettcraig

I lost my sense of smell 17 years ago while pregnant. It’s only the last couple of years that the polyps have become really bad. I’ve been on allergy shots for 2 years but no real improvement. I constantly have cavities from being a mouth breather and people are always asking if I have a cold. I’ve just started teatree oil so we will see if that helps. Seriously considering getting surgery but not sure it’s worth it. It’s nice to know I’m not alone with polyp suffering.

Comment by Elizabeth

It was worth it for me. I was miserable. Good luck on whatever you decide to do. Im convinced most of this stuff doesn’t do much for you (except surgery). Once you have polyps they become the problem.

Comment by brettcraig

I had one very large polyph in right nostril couldnt breathe at all through one nostril. I dont believe in sky high western medicine, so I cured myself. For a few weeks I did daily washes of organic red cider vinegar and salt, with warm tap water. With time the polyph became very loose, so I yanked it out with tweezers. piece by piece. I continue to you use the red cider vinegar salt washes, and I have never had a problem since total cost about $20. No regrowth two years later. Im so glad I didnt get bullshitted into some expensive western surgery, I dont have insurance and no I could never afford it. Happy breathing camper. Jake

Comment by jsc1227Jacob Charts

I had the operation in January, 2015 in Boone, N.C.. I regained some of my smell ability and much more taste. I now rinse twice a day with squeeze type NeilMed thing with the little packets of salt/soda, then spray prescribed Nasonex. I take allergy DROPS under my tongue every morning. I don’t sound sick anymore. Went in to my GP this month for my annual physical. When he looked up my nose he was astounded how clear it looked. He couldn’t get over it. The surgery was not nearly as bad as I predicted it to be, and the pain was over rated. Maybe my surgeon just did a good job. I only took the pain meds for two days at most! Go for it! My surgeon would not do the surgery unless I committed to allergy treatment knowing this would help. I had smelled nothing for about nine years prior to surgery. Two days after surgery, my first meal at the table was tomato soup and a grilled pimento cheese sandwich. I tasted everything! It was like a dream!!! Hope this helps you, Elizabeth.

Comment by Bob Nichols Blowing Rock, N.C.

Having now done the same nasal polyp surgery 3 times, and each time they grow back (I have the whole AERD triad), I was excited to find out that the AERD Center at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston is part of a clinical trial with a new drug. It is supposed to kill off the eosinophils (the cells) that make my nasal polyps grow back. They are looking for patients who have bad polyps on both sides and want to avoid surgery. instead I’m taking a pill twice a day for 6 months to see if the polyps shrink away without surgery. There is no fake placebo-pill, just the new drug. It has worked in more than half of the people who have tried it. still early on for me, so not sure if it is going to work for me or not, but at least they are trying! Their site is and has lots of information and links to this new trial.

Comment by Robert Zaine

UPDATE: 1 year 1 month on from SURGERY

No re-growth, No problems, use a steroid spray once in a while, also anti-histaminas to make sure any Allery doesn’t trigger another attack.

As for my TEETH, that’s another matter, ALL my teeth now need removing, a downside of being a month breather since young, due to very long-term polybs that where never identified with!

So soon to be toothless, but can least now SMELL…

Comment by Clive

I feel brathlessness when lay down on bed without pillow or closed room as well as sleeping at upper berth in train. My mail address

Comment by Mukesh sinha

I have been suffering with polyps for the last few months, one was starting to hang down and block my nostril almost completely, some days I couldn’t breathe through my nose at all. I started taking a multi-vitamin and Omega 3-6-9 tablets a couple of weeks ago and the difference is amazing. I guess I was deficient in something. The multi-vitamins have 200% of the RDA for Vit D. I know some trials have shown Vit D can really help. I am not cured but the mucus has massively reduced and I can breathe through my nose quite well. It is such a relief. I can also sleep properly, finally! I can’t feel or see the polyp that was hanging down. I had tried many other things such as tea tree oil, castor oil, cayenne pepper spray. Who would have thought a simple vitamin could 90% solve the issue!!

Comment by Jacqueline Belcher

Interesting! …hey if it works!!!!

Comment by brettcraig

It has worked for me – still a little bit snotty at times and nostrils aren’t completely clear but I am thinking I can definitely avoid the surgery now. I will see a consultant in a few weeks to see what he thinks as well though.

Comment by Jacqueline Belcher

Hello, can you tell us about the multi-vitamin? Also, what does do you mean by: Omega 3-6-9 tablets. Does the 3-6-9 sequence refer to how many tablets you drank? or the type of omega?

Comment by Emilio

The multivitamin is one I bought in a store called De Tuinen in Amsterdam, called “ABC Plus”. It has good amounts of most vitamins and minerals too. It includes betacarotene, luteine, selenium and zinc, these are other things I read could be good for polyps, as well as the 200% Vit D. It also includes 75% of Vit C, another thing I read can work. In fact one woman said on a website she just took very high doses of Vit C and her polyps actually fell out of her nose after a week.

The Omega tablet is 3 things combined in one tablet, Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9. I bought it because (I think) it has fish oil in it and had also read that could be good for polyps.

However I assume (and hope) that any good quality multivitamin and any Omega 3/6/9 tablet might have good results. The bottle says 2 per day but I only take 1.

Good luck fellow sufferers! I wasn’t prepared to go gluten/dairy/sugar free I’m afraid. I don’t think its a sustainable diet for me but I know it has worked for others.

Comment by Jacqueline Belcher

I forgot to say I’m also taking a daily tablet of Zyrtec antihistamine to control my allergies and up till a couple of days ago I was taking Singulair 10mg but I am going to try doing without the Singulair now and see how it goes. I have also completely stopped using my saline nasal spray for about 2 weeks and my antihistamine nasal spray Zalastin as well. I’ll continue with the Zyrtec, probably forever. I never want these polyps back again, it is really hell to be chronically ill like that.

Comment by Jacqueline Belcher

I am a polyp sufferer from 7 yrs having surgery once. I am helpless…tried allopathy 2homeopathy..with zero results.. I I am with my family on this blog..please suggest me something to get rid of this hell completely…I m 25 only..

Comment by Aashish

When I read this story I realized just how similar it was to my condition.

Years ago, I was so desperate to get rid of a large polyp that was completely blocking my nostril that I ended up getting surgery. It was one of the most distressing procedures I had ever experienced, not to mention the ugly scars it left me.

At least the polyp was gone…or so I thought.

A month later the nasal polyps were back in not just one nostril, but in both nostrils! My doctor told me not too worry, that this was totally normal and that I would just need to get another surgery or use steroid sprays every day for the rest of my life.

I knew that there had to be another way. I searched long and hard and finally came across some simple natural remedies that finally made the nasal polyps disappear for good…to the amazement of my doctor.

In fact, you might want to check out this article, it really helped me a lot:

Hope it helps anyone reading this!

Comment by George Miller

One really helpful website I found about polyps in general and Samter’s Triad (aspirin/ibuprofen allergy combined with nasal polyps and asthma) specifically is from a hospital in Boston, MA. Turns out that lots of us with horrible nasal polyps have this triad thing called AERD. They helped me a lot there.

Comment by Ashley Dancer

am a nasal polyp sufferer and I just discovered tea tree oil. I will start using it and I hope it works. I will keep you updated on this.

Comment by huska

Yes tell us!

Comment by brettcraig

UPDATE Year 2::

Just had an email from the site, you kno what I have nearly forgotten about my Polyps…

2-years on from the operation to have my category 3 polyps removed.

Really pleased to say no reaccurances, but obvioulsy I keep a check on it

YES T-Tree oil works of sorts, as well as BLOWS YOUR NOSE apart! It really does hurt. I found it helped to remove the polyps, but the SMALL, TASTE and worst of all the PAIN frm sticking T-Tree oil up mu nose was FAR worse than the operation.

Get the Op ASAP don’t bother with T-Tree oil.

Comment by Clive Moore

WOW! I’ve found my “family”, too! I have suffered of and on with polyps since pre teen, I am now 33. When I first had them I was just prescribed medicine, spray, antibiotic, allergy medicine and was told I would be needing surgery. At the time I was terrified of having the surgery so as soon as I saw them diminish I would get the tweezers and twist them off.
Now this time around I have been dealing with them for about 18 months straight. I cant smell nor taste well. I cant breath thru one nostril its been completely blocked. I am without insurance but had finally decided maybe I need to start looking into it. I am tired of having a constant waterfall of mucus at all times of the day. People thinking I do drugs or something (a lot of people it seems are ignorant on allergies and nasal problems). I had searched the internet for info. and others like me to no avail until today. It is a relieve to read about others dealing with this.
I have done the allergy medicine and not working. Read about the nasal sprays and they seem to have kept them from almost coming out but not shrunk them completely. I will try to do everything else I can find since I really cant afford the operation if it cost $5,000 as someone mention. Thanks to everyone for sharing their experience as I will take what I have read and try a different approach to this very stubborn problem.

Comment by Gloria

Got so sick of the thing last night that I pulled it out with the tweezers, at least 70% of it. Hopefully now my doc will finish the job in office like she did last time.

Comment by Mike

This Poly Volt started troubling me 4 yrs.back. Have tried Homoeopathy, Antibiotics, did not help so now maybe will try surgery.
It’s a repeat.
First time I had them was in 1984.
Had them removed surgically.
Came back in 2012.
It’s 2016 now. So maybe a knife again.
Polyps Kumar
New Delhi

Comment by Praveen Verma

Just read all the posts. I had the surgery years ago to remove my nasal polyps. Before that I tried the steroid sprays, but they didn’t help much. The polyps are back, nearly completely blocking both nostrils. I recently tried a Chinese herbal formula called Bi Yuan Wan. It helped almost immediately, but I couldn’t keep taking it. I was having side effects (I was spinning like a top). Today, I bought some apple cider vinegar, but now I’m thinking I should try the tea tree oil first. If the smell gets too overwhelming, maybe I could rinse with warm salt water (distilled) in my neti pot. I have sleep apnea as well. Age 43.

Comment by Ben T.

Well I had a polyp and it was terrible. I found not breathe through my left nostril and sometimes I used to wake up I night feeling suffocated. Sometimes I had to breathe through mouth !!! But now after wasting I don’t know how much on sprags etc, I decided to try Apple vinegar cider. It is amazing. Amazing amazing amazing. I simply took acv and dip q tip and applied on my polyp. It was very irritating but now only in three days I can see difference I hadn’t seen in 2 years. I can breathe through my left nostril. I sleep easily in night. I am gonna follow this to 3 weeks then let’s see. How it works !!! But acv is amazing

Comment by akshay

Can you tell me what acv is? Like to try it!

Comment by Gary Soka

Apple cider vinegar

Comment by Suman

Good luck trying it…. I had the surgery 18+ months ago, no reoccurance.

T-Tree oil is a KILLER, of both polyps put also of your nose, yes I found polybs didnt like it, but the taste/smell and irriation gained from Tea-Tree was just to unpleasant and unbareable… Also my family didn’t like the smell either.

Polyps won!

Comment by Clive Moore MA

I found a NEW over the counter product that got rid of my last infection – no antibiotics. XLEAR – Target sells it. Same section where the NeilMed sinus bottles are – not right next to it so might miss it. Same idea – rinse with bottle. It contains Xlytol which has been used for years for ear infections. SOOOO glad I tried it. My infection was lots of green coming out of nose during rinsing. Now that gone, I use XLEAR package every other day with 1 1/2 NeilMed rinse packets the other days.

Comment by Jennifer

Hello everyone. I just wanted to let everyone know how my septoplasty/ rhinoplasty went. I also was having cysts removed, turbinate reduction and a FESS done to open up all my passages. My procedure was 4 hours long. I was supposed to go in May 5th, but got the call last Thursday that I could go in yesterday. I took the date.

I truly doing well! I can actually feel my breath through my nose, even with the swelling that started last night. I thought I would be in terrible pain since I was having so many things done at once. I would say the hardest part for me was feeling woozie after the anesthetic. I have minimal bleeding right now and I can comfortably clean the crusts out of my nose. I am doing this several times a day. It hurt the first time I did it, but now it feels pretty good. I used saline spray up my nostrils, dab the inner cuts with peroxide (it only gives me a sort of pleasant warm feeling when I do it), and then I swab each cut with the antibiotic cream. I have only needed 3 Percosets since being 24 hours out and doubt I will need much more. I took one to actually help me sleep, which I did last night. I had several pillows propped up under my head and a few under my knees which was pretty darn comfortable.

I’ll list what I think has helped me have a good experience so far;

*I cancelled my surgery back in February since I got bronchitis and decided to get as well as possible before going under.
*I really improved my diet before surgery, eating tons of fruit and drinking water.
*I take several vitamins to boost my immune system and have been doing this for many months before I even saw an ENT.
*I used my Netipot everyday for weeks before my surgery. It only probably worked for one side of my face since the other side was so obstructed.
*I picked a really awesome surgeon who was not only very skilled, but truly kind and compassionate.
*Had the surgery in a top notched hospital where I felt as relaxed and taken care as possible.
*The anesthesiologist gave me a wonderful breathing treatment before surgery to protect my asthmatic lungs. I can honestly say I have no breathing issues now. I didn’t even get a sore throat from being intubated. She also gave me an anti nausea patch before I went in.
*I am resting, but do get up every hour of so to stretch to feel better. I eat a lot of small meals to keep my strength up.
*Water, water, water. I drink tons of it to stay hydrated. I haven’t been dizzy or nauseous since the ride home.
*Along with the medications I was given, I added a supplement to my post surgical list called Bromelain. It’s simply a pineapple extract that is a very good anti inflammatory (I am also on Prednidone). Bromelain is also used to help those of us with asthma. I did check with my surgeon that I could take this immediately after surgery since there were some vitamins and minerals I was’t allowed before surgery and cannot resume until I am 2 weeks out like Fish Oil and Condrointin.
*I do use ice packs on my cheeks and forehead for the swelling. *I swab on Arnicare Gel on my bruised cheeks. It a natural remedy that even my surgeon recommended.

The surgeon had told my husband that when he went in there to see my nasal and sinus passages, he was surprised I could breath at all. So possibly the reason I am not having extreme discomfort 24 hours out may be because I was so obstructed and miserable before hand and was used to feeling this way.

If I can help anyone out there, please feel free to ask. I was really scared of this surgery, but now I am sitting here feeling pretty good and glad I did it. I must say, I do not have any packing up my nose, just splints which I really don’t feel.

Those come out next week.

Comment by Joann

Hello Joan

Thanks for your contribution. This brings me some relief, as I fear the surgery.


Comment by Gilles

There is no need to fear surgery.
Your asleep!

when you wake up, you’ll be able to BREATH for the first time in ages!

its a god send!

Comment by Clive Moore MA


Comment by BC

Gilles, no one could have been more frightened than me, especially since I had been so sick before the surgery. I was surprised how little discomfort I had, even after a 4 1/2 hour surgery. I had more than just polyps to deal with and I was also having my nose fixed from an old injury.

I can’t speak for all surgeons, but mine did not pack me with misery. Instead, he used very thin splints and a sort of gel to keep things in place.

Even having those splints and some stitches out was not bad like I have read with other’s experiences. I did take a pain reliever before I went and if anything, getting my sinuses cleaned out really felt good afterwards.

It’s 10 months later and I haven’t even had a cold that has gone to my sinuses. I can breathe through my nose and have all sense of taste and smell. Life is good! Would do it again if I had to.

Comment by Joann

I am so done with chronic sinusitis. Myself I am only 23 and have had over 20 sinus infections seasonally like clockwork. Just today, I stuck my very bright Iphone flashlight up in my nostrils to see what was causing such a blockage that I couldn’t breath out of my left nostril? All I see is this pink blob staring at me. I have made an appointment with a GP but am afraid that they will just give me some steroids, antibiotics, or some other band-aid bullshit. I don’t want to be that sick person anymore. Has anyone had doctors hassle them before when requesting to see an ENT? Wondering if this will end up having to turn into self surgery…

Comment by Lillian

Insist. Dont ask. See an ENT. You can set it up. If you have bad enough polyps it wont necessarily get better even with meds.

Comment by BC

I think most GPs are very willing to recommend an ENT if you simply ask for one. I was very lucky that my insurance allowed me to seek one out without a referral.

I am only two weeks post op and so very glad I got my surgery. I didn’t even know how bad it was until after they fixed my issues. I had never even seen an ENT once until recently. My sinuses and nasal passages were a mess!!

My recovery has been amazing and with little fanfare. As soon as they took the splints out, I could breathe, smell, and taste! I still can’t believe I’m fixed.

Good luck. The recovery has gotten a lot easier since many surgeons don’t even use the packing you hear a lot about on here unless necessary.

Comment by Joann

I had surgery November 2017. Didn’t work, polyps came back straight away, been miserable ever since three weeks post surgery. Surgery was easier than getting a tooth pulled, but now have chronic asthma that I never experienced before. Given up gluten and dairy, have to be strict but made some definite improvement.

Comment by Kerin

Thanks for the great article.
It’s information like this that really makes a difference for nasal polyps sufferers.
As for myself, I managed to overcome my nasal polyps after 10 years with natural remedies like this:

Thanks again!

Comment by John Brennan

Just had the surgery. And! I can breath more air through my nose even with it so congested post surgery. Do it!!

Comment by Cate

Is it ok if your polyp is suddenly bloody?

Comment by Lori

Anyone tried the polypvac instead of the surgery?

Comment by Lori

Hello All

I am French living in France.

As many here, I suffer too from that blobs. Till last year only one nostril , but now both sides.. For 2 years now I have no more smell

In addition, I have for a year or so asthma – and in period of crisis sleep apnea (which terrifies me I feel like I am drowning and wake up in panic)

(As it started being seriously uncomfortable when I started arguing with my wife at that time before divorce — I sometime consider this developped with the stress and lack of sleep – as well as pollution)

I was proposed the surgery last summer , but I was able to control breathing at that time without taking much “corticoids”, and I feel uncomfortable with having some scalpel in my head, so I delayed that till now

After checking all what could be done in French I am checking what is done in US. I am trying to find another way than surgery…

So far, I have listed following
1/ medical “surgery”:
– classical surgery removal
– polyvac (machine made especially to remove nasal polyps) – not available in France
– Laser (in short – attempt to dry/burn polyps) – seems being less intrusive than the surgery, but requires many appointment to have them removed completely – in France only 2 places in Paris can do it (I am not living there too bad)

2/ medication
– Predinosole (corticoid) very efficient – but corticoid not so nice in the long run
– Local corticoid spray (first proposed solution by doc)
– In the army, I had 2 weeks in hospital breathing several times a day kind of mixture based on corticoids —- At least I had not been sick for the next 15 years
– I heard about some who are having corticoids injection (that is normally made for arthritis not polyps)

3/ alternate medication
– I Tried 1 month homeopathic – no effect
– I tried external rubing oil for breathing issue – while i was living in the mountains was having some effects – now has NO effect at all
– I tried essential oil including tea tree(three drops in hot water) – Tea tree is poisonous for stomach I got sick – I tried qtips once – was really painful. Doctor saw the effect on the polyp it was lightly bleeding so according to him this is not good

Recently I read Bromelain(extract of PineApple) could replace the predinosole. I was surprised that one of you had it as a postop medication from the surgeon
I have consequently ordered some in addition to some products introduced to me as being natural “corticoids” – I will let you know about this once I will start treatment

4/ Healthy Lifestyle
– I frequently see some tried hypotoxicdiet, and had positive effects : gluten free,or avoid food bringing mucus
In french we call it “Seignalet diet”
==> I had never been able to respect the rule strictly more than a week – having no visible effects after one week I stopped
– Neti Pot – has good effect in avoiding infection to develop to sinusitis – salty water has also as effect to shrink a bit the blobs for a timelimited

Comment by Gilles

Laser surgery, kILLS it.
Then you can breath again…

Comment by Clive Moore MA

My mouth is lie a desert in the morning and at night.

Comment by Roy

2 1/2 years after surgery

still no polyps!

but as for my TEETH, well the dentist removed them 2 weeks ago…. So after years of being a MOUTH BREATHER, I have lost my Teeth!

So the issue here is, Polybs, caused me to be a mouth breather, so at night my mouth has always been dry. This causes severe gum disease, and you end up losing your teeth!

I wonder what would have happened if I could have breathed easily, perhaps I wouldn’t have lost my teeth.


Comment by Clive Moore MA

I too lost a tooth because of receding gums, but never put it together that being a mouth breather all those years caused it. But it sure makes sense since I am so meticulous with my dental hygiene.

It’s been 10 months since my nasal surgery and I am still doing very well. I can fully breath through my nose, but still have a habit of mouth breathing.

Comment by Joann

Yes, mouth breathing, Snoring, polyps and loss of teeth all go hand in hand!

At the age of 20 I was told that I would lose my teeth by my 40’s, but managed to string it along until I was 56, due to gum disease, and that I was a mouth breather!

Managed to extend it for 16 years, by doing my best, but I wasn’t the best at it!

At Christmas, I lost one of my front teeth, so the dentist removed the last 8 remaining top teeth so he could fit a denture (the others where lose as well), ironically I still have most of my bottom teeth, as they do not dry out as much via mouth breathing as the top set do. But, my top teeth over the years have fallen out of their own due to just becoming lose as the gum receded.

Now I dont have an issue with being a mouth breather, as I have no teeth for it to effect 🙂 I do now have a set of good fitting dentures that has given me a smile I always wanted, but due to issues of gum disease it has not been possible to smile so much – so in ne way its a good thing.

As for Polyps, been free of them for the past 2 1/2 years after surgery. I feel a slight restriction in my nasal passages, so assume that there on their way back… But, least I know the full benefits of surgery.

As for mouth breathing, still doing it, after 55 + years its not easy to break the habit of a lifetime, but hey ho, there we go!

Comment by Clive Moore MA

I really was baffled when I lost my first tooth at age 55 with the great dental care I have always received. But now I am sure it was due to my mouth breathing.

Yes, hard habit to break. I freely can breath through my nose, but after decades of not being able to do so, it’s a terrible habit to break.

Comment by Joann

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